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  • A Greenhouse for Startups: ITMO Accelerator Opens Applications

    The ITMO Accelerator is an initiative that helps young entrepreneurs take their startups through all stages of development, from mere ideas to first sales. Having updated its format three years ago, the project has nurtured over 190 startups. In that time, over 3,700 teams from universities across Russia have applied to join the accelerator – and now is your chance to join, too. Learn more about the project’s opportunities in this article.


  • ITMO University Hosts Its First What? Where? When? Tournament

    Having brought together around 200 specialists from various departments, the university’s first What? Where? When? quiz contest, which launched in October, has recently ended with a grand finale. ITMO.NEWS went to this closing game, hosted by star player Mikhail Mun, to learn the secrets of the winning team.


  • ITMO Fellowship Stories: ‪Maxim Likhanov on Importance of Spatial Skills and Synergy Between Chemistry and Neuroscience

    In 2019, Maxim Likhanov graduated from Tomsk State University with a PhD in philology. Two years later, he won the chance to do his research at ITMO University as part of ITMO Fellowship and Professorship Program. ITMO.NEWS talked to the scientist to learn more about how to succeed in chemistry, why spatial skills are important, and how they’ve transformed his life.


  • ITMO University Participates in Personal Digital Certificate Program

    The courses by ITMO University helped over 350 students of various majors acquire new knowledge and skills in big data, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.


  • ITMO.Mentors Program Welcomes First Graduates

    The first graduation of the ITMO.Mentors project took place on December 23. During the ceremony, project staff congratulated the participants and presented them with professional training certificates.


  • ITMO University Students Participate in Training on Oil Production Simulators Used by Gazprom Neft

    During a recent training event at ITMO University, specialists and internal coaches from Gazprom Neft familiarized students with virtual simulators for oil workers and talked them through the nuances of oil extraction on land, in the shelf area, and at sea. ITMO.NEWS reports.


  • Smart Urban Environment: ITMO University Holds First Professional Development Course for Staff of Sevastopol State University

    Aiming to help the participants develop an understanding of the development of the smart city concept in Sevastopol, the course emerged as a result of a cooperation and partnership agreement between the two universities. Forming the basis of the course were the results achieved as part of ITMO’s National Center for Cognitive Technologies priority project “Metacognitive technologies for the management of smart city services”. 


  • ITMO University Holds Training for Mentors of Regional Quantoriums

    Last week, ITMO University held a training session aimed to help mentors of regional Quantoriums, children technoparks nurturing creative and engineering skills, develop their hard skills. In the course of several days, participants of the program, the ranks of whom included both young specialists and seasoned educators, practiced working with complex equipment and attended laboratory tours at ITMO and St. Petersburg Academic University. ITMO.NEWS spoke with the mentors to talk about the development of the centers today and find out why such training sessions are important for Quantorium educators and students. 


  • ITMO Technopark Resident Cerevrum Receives Its Second Million-Dollar Investment

    In 2016 the company Cerevrum Inc, which creates VR-based educational content for the corporate sector, attracted one million USD in investments from the co-founder of Oculus. Three years later, the company has now been granted another million by the Russian venture firm LETA Capital. A year earlier, Cerevrum became a resident of ITMO University’s Technopark; just recently, the company bought out its 7% share from the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF). We’ve previously written about the project in detail here. Read on to learn how Cerevrum earned the investment and what it means for the company’s future.


  • How Cerevrum Inc Uses VR to Boost Social Skills

    The startup Cerevrum Inc is creating a new standard for education using virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Major companies and corporations these days are becoming increasingly interested in staff training and boosting their sales. Cerevrum’s products allow businesses to not only hone their employees’ skills, but also see the results reflected in their revenue data. In 2016, Facebook invested one million dollars in the company, and today Cerevrum works with some of Russia’s biggest businesses. ITMO.NEWS spoke with its founder Natalia Floksi to learn what made her project so unique.