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  • Russian Spots Around the World

    We’ve already told you about the many incredible landmarks to visit in St. Petersburg and all around the country. But today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most impressive, unusual, or obscure places across the globe that, too, can provide a glimpse of Russian culture, history, and architecture.


  • Student Spotlight: Md. Imran Hossain, Bangladesh

    Delve into the transformative journey of Md. Imran Hossain, a seasoned professional from Bangladesh with a robust seven-year career as a textile engineer under his belt. However, recently, Imran decided to chart a new course by pursuing a Master's degree in mathematical and computer engineering at ITMO. Join us as Imran shares the rich tapestry of his experiences in St. Petersburg, providing insights into the challenges, revelations, and the profound impact this journey has had on his professional trajectory.


  • Student Spotlight: Sutanu Chatterjee, India

    In the bustling St. Petersburg, a new chapter is about to unfold for Sutanu Chatterjee, an international student from India, as he eagerly awaits the start of his PhD journey at ITMO’s Department of Physics. Sutanu's life is a captivating blend of scientific exploration and vibrant personal pursuits. Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of this ambitious and multi-talented international student, who has discovered a second home in Russia, embracing its cuisine, culture, and people with an open heart.


  • The 5 Railway Terminals of St. Petersburg

    In this companion piece to our destinations article, let’s find out more about the history and quirks of our city’s five major railway stations, or vokzals as they are known in Russian.


  • Rostov-on-Don: Sunshine, Spacious Streets, and History at Every Corner

    A city of seemingly permanent summer, contrasts, friendly cats, bustling energy, and abundant history, Rostov-on-Don is bound to have a special place in your heart.


  • Vladimir: An Ancient City on the Golden Ring

    Have you ever heard of Russia’s Golden Ring? A group of ancient cities that were part of the Old Rus, are now sights to see and not too far from Moscow. As you set off to explore the Golden Ring, the first city along the way is Vladimir, the former capital of medieval Russia. I decided to venture out there on my vacation to find out what Vladimir had to offer.


  • Active Winter Holidays with

    There are two types of people during the winter break: the ones who are ready to leave the comfort of their bed only to finish off the New Year’s salads and the ones who are eager to jam-pack their time off with various activities. For those who can’t imagine their holidays without moving their feet, a participant of ITMO Accelerator has created a special service called that will help them create routes for active and adventurous travel. Read on to learn how the website works and why it’ll be handy for everyone, not only experienced campers.


  • This Winter Break in St. Petersburg: Top Destinations for Active & Adventurous Holidays

    If you have your heart set on being your most active self during the holidays, here are some must-visit locations outside the city where you can embrace a great variety of sports and truly dip your toe into the Russian winter.


  • The Four Wonders of Russian Winter

    Endless fairytale forests, otherworldly lakes, and breathtaking ice caves gleaming on a starry night – Russia is, indeed, a place of true winter magic. Whether you’re on first-name terms with Ded Moroz or have never seen snow, here are some majestic winter destinations to experience a true Russian winter.


  • Five Ancient Russian Cities with Fascinating Legends

    St. Petersburg might be the biggest city in North-Western Russia, but age-wise it has nothing against the 1000-year old cities in this region, their histories blending folklore and facts. How did some of these ancient places come about?