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  • The New Things We’re Trying This Spring

    Spring is near-synonymous with change, and what change could be more important than that which we make ourselves? We enter this bright new season wisened (one would hope) by a most perilous, unusual, and enlightening year. Here’re all the new things we’ll be trying out in the coming weeks:


  • From Graduates to Students: New Internship Opportunities

    The travel tech company founded by ITMO graduates invites students to experience a new internship format and try their hand at starting a project from scratch with the help of qualified mentors.


  • Painted Mammoths and Honey: the Rescued Wonders of Bashkortostan

    Sometimes I’m struck by the fact that Russia is so big it can take a lifetime to embrace the variety of its cultures and landscapes spread along the continent. So, why not take a baby step and become acquainted with one of its many wonderful regions – Bashkortostan, a treasury of natural wonders carefully preserved by its inhabitants.


  • Down the River: Delightful Journey Through My Suddenly Unfamiliar Country

    I have a lot of tender feelings towards my country (although I cannot call myself an ardent patriot), so sometimes I am disappointed by how little of it I know and have seen. During school geography lessons, instead of studying our homeland, we sang all kinds of songs; that’s right, our geography teacher was also our music teacher. While our choir was the pride of the district, my knowledge of Russian geography was limited to a general idea of Russia’s geographical outlines and the names of a dozen large cities and rivers, mostly thanks to the numerous maps hanging on the walls of the classroom. 


  • 4 Incredible Russian Churches Off the Beaten Track

    The many cathedrals of St. Petersburg certainly get their fair share of tourist attention – no true Instagram blogger would fail to capture those when they get to visit the city. Today, however, we are taking you on a tour of some of Russia’s lesser-known churches – the hidden gems of unique architecture, unrivaled craftsmanship and rich historical heritage.  


  • Yagodnoe: More Than a Summer Camp

    In case you didn’t know, ITMO University has its own outdoor sports and leisure camp – Yagodnoe. Situated by the beautiful Lake Berestovoye and just an hour’s ride from St. Petersburg, it allows students, staff and alumni to relax, play sports, and enjoy the region’s beautiful nature while building shared experiences.


  • 5 Russian Natural Wonders

    Whenever I get to discuss my Russian travel plans with my friends, there comes a moment when one of us says, “This has to be the place every Russian wants to visit”. I noticed that those seemed to fit perfectly with another “Russian dream” of crossing the country from West to East, stopping at some of the world’s most amazing natural wonders along the way. Here’s what’s on my list for my round-the-country trip once I get to make it.


  • This Stay-at-Home Weekend in St. Petersburg: Virtual Travel

    Wanderlust getting you down? Here are some virtual tours to explore the world from your home, for free!


  • Love Diversity (and Exploring!) Like a Russian

    So have an irresistible urge to travel around Russia but that’s not exactly feasible right now? Besides, your attention span is down to a nanosecond? Cue in Multi-Russia, 55 postcard-style cartoons about the country’s various regions told by who else? A bear!


  • Fort Konstantin: A Historic Island Fortress in the Gulf of Finland

    St. Petersburg owes much of its history to naval glory, and with February 23 – Defender of the Motherland Day – around the corner, how about exploring one of the most unique naval fortifications in St. Petersburg and a lighthouse museum – a gem for an optics pro?