The founder of the startup is Alexander Shirokolobov who is himself a professional sports tourism instructor and guide. Previously, Alexander used GPSies to plan his trips before the app was sold to another company and he had to search for an alternative. Unable to find anything worthy, Alexander decided to create his own product. 

How it works lets users create various types of routes, be it hiking, water tourism, or cycling. Unlike other map services, the website covers the areas outside the city, too, due to the use of the OpenStreetMap geodata developed and supported by users from all over the globe. What else makes the service special is the opportunity to build communities. Users can follow other users, see their routes (and even try them themselves), as well as like or comment on their posts. in action

How to create a route

There are several ways to plan a trip. Just like in Figma, users are able to explore various maps and lay their routes together with their friends while seeing each other's actions on the shared map. 

Key features:

  1. Route planning

The service offers two main options. Users can either let the program build their route based on the indicated type of transportation (hiking, cycling, driving, or rafting) or create their own by choosing spots and mapping them together. 

  1. Maps and layers

For a better experience, integrates a wide range of maps, both topographic and satellite, as well as separate layers with mountain passes and popular routes. 

  1. Tagging

The website makes it possible to add location-specific information to any spot on a map. Users can apply special tags to save names, descriptions, and coordinates, thus indicating their viewpoints or stopping places. 

  1. Heightmap

The heightmap shows how the height changes throughout the route, including challenging passages, average and maximum inclines, as well as peaks and lowest points. 

  1. Shared access

The platform supports collaboration. Multiple users can work together on the same route in real time. 

Route planning. Credit:

Route planning. Credit:

For professionals and not only

The website will be useful not only for experienced campers and cyclists. It’ll also be beneficial for those who don’t want to plan their routes and would rather pick something from the existing ones. The platform offers a selection of best routes for all types of travel.

What to do over the winter break

As highlighted by Alexander Shirokolobov, there’s no need to travel far from home to be active during the holidays. 

“There are a plethora of scenic places and routes across the Leningrad Oblast, available all year round. I’d go with Väryamyanselka Ridge for starters. There, you’ll find a mesmerizing forest, the high banks of the Volchya River, an old Finnish hydroelectric power station, and an equipped ten-kilometer route perfect for beginners. All you need to do is get the right clothes, grab some tea in your thermos, pack a snack, and download the route from As we don’t have our own app yet, we’d recommended using Organic Maps for navigation,” says Alexander Shirokolobov.

Alexander Shirokolobov. Photo courtesy of the subject

Alexander Shirokolobov. Photo courtesy of the subject