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  • To Yandex or Not to Yandex: Russian Apps to Make Your Life Easier

    Tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, and Apple are taking over the world. We uber to places, facetime our friends, and google things up even when we do not exactly use Uber, Facetime, and Google, respectively. But what is just as popular in Russia?


  • Uniting the Expert Community and Best Practices: Results of the ITMO.Distant Project

    In this article, we’ll tell you all about the results of the ITMO.Distant project, the best distance learning practices, and how the service supported lecturers during the transition to the distance learning mode.


  • ITMO’s SciComm Graduate on Psychological Education: The Topic of Mental Health is Still Stigmatized in Russia

    In this interview, graduate of ITMO’s SciComm Master’s program Ekaterina Beltyukova talks about her project, in which she analyzed services helping people find therapists, and explains what psychological education is and why it is important. 


  • Nearpod: Creating Interactive Classes for Students

    Learn about technologies for active online lectures: more on how to use the Nearpod platform and get an unlimited plan in this article by ITMO.NEWS. 


  • Machine Learning for Newbies: How to Use Ready-Made Google Solutions to Create Your Own Models

    The third annual meetup on the use of artificial intelligence and big data in marketing by the agency Sociaro was held in April. Among the speakers was Yuri Konov, a customer engineer at Google Cloud. He talked about the opportunities for solving machine learning tasks offered by Google to developers, business analysts, marketing specialists and scientists, and whether you have to be really good at machine learning to make use of those. 


  • Apps to Make Your Student Life Easier

    Today, it is not only lecturers and tutors that help us with our education, but digital assistants, as well. ITMO.NEWS decided to do a review on various services and applications that make the educational process simpler and more accessible, and can be easily introduced into a classical everyday educational format.


  • 4 Inspiring Startup Success Stories (And How They Did It)

    In 2013, the Cowboy Ventures founder Aileen Lee coined the term “unicorn” to refer to startups worth $1 billion or more, and the number of such companies is growing every year. For those who want to hear the most promising startups’ success stories, the Future Technologies accelerator has recently hosted a lecture by the marketing expert Dave Vasquez about the likes of Slack, Airbnb, Uber, and Stripe and the marketing strategies that fueled their growth.


  • CityNext Head Alexander Danilin: How Smart Tech Changes Life of Cities

    A lecture-meeting with Alexander Danilin, head of the Department of Strategic Projects and CityNext initiative at Microsoft, was held at ITMO University. Nowadays the IT-giant is carrying out collaborations with schools and universities, providing software and a range of latest technologies on special terms. However, in addition to what has already become traditional cooperation with government entities and organizations, today Microsoft offers solutions for different cities, helping put into practice the concept of "smart" cities and regions. Alexander Danilin told ITMO.NEWS which key technologies are just starting to take effect in the development of the "smart" city and region, whom the fate of conflicting initiatives depends on and what scenarios and projects of digital transformation await us in the nearest future.