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  • Chemist Artem Oganov: On Blind Spots in Chemistry and Materials of Future

    Today Artem Oganov is rightly considered one of the most famous Russian scientists of the new generation. Oganov is a theoretical crystallographer and the creator of a number of new materials – as well as methods of discovering them. A few years ago he solved the problem of predicting the crystal structure of a substance based on its chemical composition. This problem was for long considered to be unsolvable. Oganov created software capable of predicting stable chemical compounds based on a set of initial elements. His discoveries are so impressive that many consider him one of the likely candidates for the Nobel Prize in the next few years. Having worked abroad for 17 years - in England, Switzerland and the United States - at 37 he decided to return to Russia, where he became a professor of Skoltech and headed the Laboratory of Computer Design of Materials at MIPT. During an open lecture at ITMO University, Oganov spoke about his career abroad, his return home, materials of the future and creation of an evolutionary mechanism for predicting substance structures, which proves that even in well-known areas of chemistry there are still many "blind spots". Main points of the event - in this article by ITMO.NEWS.