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  • Editor Clare Wilkinson on Challenges to the Field of Science Communication During and After the Pandemic

    Daria Denisova, head of ITMO’s Center for Science Communication, was included in the advisory group of the new book series on science communication. ITMO.NEWS got in touch with Clare Wilkinson, Co-Director of the Science Communication Unit at UWE Bristol and the editor of the upcoming series, to talk about the project, the importance of attracting Russian authors, and the main challenges to the field of science communication during and after the pandemic. 


  • ITMO Graduate ‪Andrei Gorodetsky on His Career, European Science, and Work in Different Countries

    Andrei Gorodetsky received his PhD degree at ITMO’s Faculty of Photonics and Optical Information in 2010. Now, he works at the University of Birmingham and continues to supervise projects at ITMO University.


  • Sam Innes: The Way Russian Writers Get Inside the Human Soul Is Incredible

    Sam Innes participated in two courses during the Russian Language and Culture Summer School held in July at ITMO University. He attended both the Russian conversational course and Russian cinema course. Sam experienced the course remotely from the United Kingdom. What was it like to explore his passion for Russian culture remotely? We talked to him about his summer school experience and plans for the future.