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  • Researchers from ITMO and University of Toronto Develop Non-Antibiotic Material to Fight Infection and Mend Wounds

    In the future, the material could be used in the production of wound dressings that would hold their own even against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. An article on the results of the research was published in Chemistry of Materials.


  • ITMO Staff Visit University of Toronto as Part of Megagrant Research Project

    The ongoing pandemic has made the academic community to put a lid on all forms of direct scientific contact such as conferences, internships, and exchanges. Two researchers from ITMO University got lucky: they were able to do an internship at the University of Toronto (Canada) mere weeks before the country closed its borders. We got in touch with them to find out what impressed them most about their Canadian colleagues’ practices, how they had to outrun the travel lockdown, and how their research continues at home.