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  • Do TikTokers Need Diplomas? ITMO Hosts Clubhouse Discussion on the Future of Higher Education

    Well-known Russian entrepreneurs and representatives of major online learning platforms discussed their views on education, the role of diplomas in today’s world, and the need for universities to reconsider their approach to the learning process.


  • Speed, Drive and Transformation: ITMO's Daria Kozlova on Inspiration for 2021

    University as a point of attraction, a place that brings together talented people and supports the most daring ideas. An institution that’s rooted in academic traditions but is agile and holistic and always going after the impossible. Fast. That’s the vision that has guided ITMO University’s First Vice Rector Daria Kozlova as ITMO has grown from a strictly technical school to a world-class institution with thousands of students from around the world. We caught up with Daria to talk about what keeps her fired up, and what’s happening at ITMO in 2021. 


  • The Art of Managing the University of the Future: A Roundtable on Effective University Governance Held in St. Petersburg

    Recently, the European University at St. Petersburg hosted a roundtable on the topic “By whom and how a modern university should be managed: top-down vs shared governance”. In the course of the discussion, experts and representatives of universities weighed up on the questions of which challenges today’s universities are faced with, whether they should change, and which governance model is the most effective.


  • Creating a University of the Future in Seven Days: Big Challenges Summit in Sochi

    From October 28 to November 3, the Russian city of Sochi hosted the “Big Challenges for Society, State and Science” summit. Organized by the educational center “Sirius”, the event annually brings together talented students and young PhD researchers from all over the country. This year, the summit’s participants not only attended lectures and workshops by leading tech companies, but also developed their own projects for a university of the future in just seven days. Helping them in this endeavor was a team of ITMO University specialists, ten experts in the fields of science communication, cybersecurity, sociology of science, biotechnologies and cyberphysical systems. Read on to learn more about how the event unfolded.