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  • A 7 Million Ruble Idea: Diana Duglas Talks New Pregnancy Fitness App

    Diana Duglas is a graduate of ITMO Accelerator and the author of MotherFit, an app for yoga, fitness, and gymnastics for the pregnant. Recently, the startup became one of the winners of VK Start Apps, an accelerator for VK Mini Apps developers, and was shortlisted for a Skolkovo grant of up to 7 million rubles. In this interview, Diana Duglas shares her story of making an app without any prior experience and building a team from scratch.


  • Make Your Own IT Project With VK Mini Apps

    You don’t need to be a developer or work at an IT company to make your own digital product. With VK Mini Apps, anyone can create one. Recently, the service’s DevRel Dmitry Zadokhin presented the platform at an open talk at ITMO. Here are the main takeaways from the event. 


  • App Developed by an ITMO Student Won the VK Mini Apps Contest

    Simply Eco (Эко просто) is a project based on a VK page and a mini app. It was created by students from several St. Petersburg universities, including ITMO University. They discussed the features of the app with us and explained how it helps to become environmentally friendly.