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  • People Need You: Volunteering at ITMO University

    The volunteering movement is rapidly growing: more and more people start to recognize the importance of рrotecting the environment and their city, as well as helping people around them and those less fortunate. At ITMO University, this task lies with the Volunteer Center that in 2020 was named the best among other university centers. In this article, Alena Tarasova, a curator of ITMO’s Volunteer Center, speaks about volunteering at ITMO and its benefits.


  • ITMO Volunteer Center Wins Ministry of Higher Education’s National Competition

    The Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education has announced the results of its competition for the best university volunteer center. ITMO University won the special category for the top volunteer center at a higher education institution.


  • People Need You! Tutors: Teachers Learn Volunteering at ITMO

    The Student Initiatives Support Department recently conducted a training course in the organization of volunteering activities for teachers of St. Petersburg’s schools.


  • 2020 in Retrospect: How We Went Through It Together

    2020 wasn’t easy – many of us had to change our approach to life and work. But we stayed together and helped each other no matter what. ITMO.NEWS and ITMO’s staff and students reflect on the year’s main results, achievements, unforgettable events, and proud moments.


  • New Citizen Science Project Helps Researchers Find Volunteers

    Launched in October, the Liudi Nauki (“People of Science” – Ed.) website helps regular citizens participate in research – and scientists to find volunteers for their projects. The website has already over 40 different offers for volunteers. Learn more about the project and its mission in this ITMO.NEWS article.


  • Celebration for Children Student Club: Bringing Smiles All Year Around

    As you might know, ITMO University has an abundance of student clubs. This time, we decided to tell you about, perhaps, one of the brightest and colorful of them all – the Celebration for Children children’s aid club. We talked to the current head of the club, Katerina Ikonnikova, to learn what drives its members, how they come up with ideas, and how the club is handling the challenges of the pandemic.


  • ITMO.GREEN Club Holds Online Ecohabits Camp

    Ecohabits, an international eco-friendly camp, took place online on August 3-7. It was organized by ITMO.GREEN and SFERA. Read on to find out how it went.


  • ITMO University Holds a Pilot Course on Organizing Volunteering Activity

    A total of 20 universities, ITMO University among them, were granted the opportunity to be the first to present the program to their students.


  • Sometimes It’s Important Just to Talk: How Volunteers of #WeAreTogether Initiative Help the Elderly During Self-Isolation

    During the period of self-isolation, the #WeAreTogether (#МыВместе) initiative has started in Russia with the aim of providing support to elderly citizens with limited mobility and medical workers. Over 100,000 volunteers all over the country are helping those who are experiencing an acute need in the simplest yet vital things: food and medicines. ITMO University students and staff have also been making their contribution. For some of them, this has been their first venture into volunteering. ITMO.NEWS spoke to them to find out how the work went and why they decided to answer the appeal for help. 


  • ITMO University’s Digital Volunteers: Who They Are and How They Transform Education Processes

    Nine ITMO University students have completed a four-day training course at 20.35 University to become certified digital volunteers. During the intensive course, the students familiarized themselves with online communication services (Zoom and Discord), discovered how to organize online learning, monitor university and school students’ progress, and learned to implement gamification of study subjects using ClassDojo and Mozilla Hubs. ITMO.NEWS contacted the newly qualified digital volunteers to find out about possible applications for this knowledge and skills and the development of digital volunteering in the country.