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  • Paws of Help: ITMO University Students Hold Charity Festival for Animal Shelters

    The founders of ITMO University student club Paws of Help have recently held a festival in St. Petersburg featuring a concert, workshops, lectures and quests. The mission of the event was to draw attention to the problems of animal shelters in the city. ITMO.NEWS talked to the organizers of the event about the idea of the festival, as well as their challenges and plans for the future.


  • Learning to Help: ITMO University Welcomes Volunteers from Japan

    ITMO University has recently hosted an opening ceremony for a series of events that will take place as part of a Japanese-Russian youth exchange program. Last year, fifteen ITMO students who actively participated in volunteering activities went to Tokyo; the Japanese Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities acted as the host party. Volunteers from Russia got lots of information about Japanese programs for helping the disabled. This time, a group of Japanese students came to Russia to learn how such programs are implemented in our country.


  • International Volunteers at Yagodnoe: Results of the Ecological Raids Camp

    On August 3-17, the Yagodnoe sports and recreation center hosted the annual camp Ecological Raids, which attracted volunteers from Germany, Italy, Spain, Palestine and other countries. Together, they cleaned rubbish off the center’s territory, beautified the space and learned more about each other’s homelands. This has been the fifth time that Ecological Raids is organized, by efforts of ITMO University’s students. Here is more on the international volunteers’ expressions and this year’s camp.


  • ITMO University to Participate in a New Program for the Development of Student Volunteering

    According to the statistics, the average age of a volunteer in Russia amounts to 22-27 years old. The development of the volunteering movement at universities and vocational education institutions is becoming one of the priority tasks for the nearest future. As set forth in the national project “Education”, the number of student volunteers will have reached 2.8 million by 2020 and 8.8 million by 2024. To help educational organizations in this endeavor, in April of 2019 the Association of Volunteer Centers (AVC) launched the program “Our People”. ITMO University joined the list of the participants.


  • Winter Forces: Volunteering and Retreat Trip All-in-One

    On February 4-11, a group of ITMO University students traveled to the Tosnensky District in Leningrad Oblast, 53 km southeast of St. Petersburg, to take part in volunteer activities: shovel snow, chop wood, as well as perform concerts and teach lessons at local schools. All this was part of the national initiative “Winter Forces 2018” that aims to promote volunteering among the youth and foster values of healthy living. Members of the student team spoke to ITMO.NEWS about their experience of helping people. 


  • Different Volunteering, Eco Camps and Fresh Perspective on Things: Belgian Gloria Sagaradze on Interning at ITMO

    Belgian Gloria Sagaradze came to Russia to do a three-month internship at ITMO University’s Student Initiatives Development Office. Among the projects she worked on were collaborating with the organizers of the international ecological camp Ecological Raids held at ITMO’s sports and recreation center Yagodnoye, helping Nigerian students develop an events plan for their student club, and mastering student project management. ITMO.NEWS met Gloria to talk about the difference between volunteering in Russia and Belgium and the valuable lessons she learnt from traveling.


  • Intercultural Nights, Legends and Movies: Erasmus+Youth Exchange Program

    Daria Zvyagintseva is a third-year student at ITMO’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty. Last month, she took part in the Secret Library student exchange program coordinated by Erasmus+Youth. In the course of ten days, students from Estonia, Macedonia, Jordan, Turkey, Italy, Georgia and Russia shared their countries’ legends and traditions, and even shot a movie. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Daria talks about the program and who can participate in it.


  • Indigenous Languages and Fun Science: ‘From Volunteering to Social Engineering’ Forum

    Organized by ITMO together with Rosmolodezh and the Presidential Grants Foundation as part of the social projects development program 'People Need You!', the National Forum ‘From Volunteering to Social Engineering’ was recently held at ITMO University. The event’s mission is to introduce young people to the opportunities that exist in the field of volunteering, as well as showcase the best charity projects of 2018. The forum’s activities include practical assignments, workshops, business games, etc.; the participants had a chance to talk to the authors of successful social projects and get some advice on how to launch such initiatives and overcome the challenges they may face. In this article, we summed up the best volunteering projects presented by the forum’s participants.


  • Changing the World: New ITMO Student’s Star Project

    Ekaterina Mashina didn’t get enough Unified State Exam points to enter ITMO University, but still enrolled thanks to the ITMO.STARS contest with her IBolit project. This initiative aims to combine the efforts of students and staff from ITMO University, Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University, St. Petersburg State University and Moscow State University for achieving a noble goal: the creation of a system for providing highly qualified premedical care in Russia’s outlying regions. ITMO.NEWS interviewed the student about the details of her project and her plans for the future.


  • Disability and Accessible Environment: Participants of Exchange Program on Japan’s Best Practices

    Twelve students and faculty members of ITMO University have recently taken part in the Japanese-Russian exchange program that focused on working with disabled people. The week-long exchange program was organized by the Japan Russia Youth Exchange Center with support from the Japanese Embassy in St. Petersburg. In Tokyo, the participants of the exchange program attended training sessions, visited rehabilitation centers, studied the approaches to creating an accessible environment for people with disabilities in museums and public transport, and even visited their homes. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, Andrey Zlenko, Head of the Department for the Development of Student Initiatives, and Natalya Startseva, graduate of the “People Need You!” program, spoke about the Japanese technologies that have to do with developing an accessible environment for people with disabilities, and the difference between volunteering activities in Russia and Japan.


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