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  • Wargaming Specialist Hosts Intensive Course for Master’s Students of Game Development Technologies

    The Game Development Technologies Master’s program at ITMO recently hosted an intensive course by Svyatoslav Torick, a product vision expert at Wargaming. The short course, which focused on how to develop one’s idea for a game and monetize it, took place entirely online. Still, that didn’t stop the students from making the most of the opportunity to chat with an industry expert. We spoke to Svyatoslav Torick, Alexander Khoroshavin, the curator of the program, and the program’s students, to find out what the future game developers have taken away from the course and how this knowledge will come in handy in their careers.


  • 4C St. Petersburg: Soon, Everyone Will Be a Gamer

    Every day, more and more people are becoming involved in games. Even non-interactive gaming video content attracts more viewers than HBO or Netflix. Games are no longer something enjoyed only by a limited group of computer enthusiasts; even if you never played Dota 2 or CS:GO, you become a part of the global gaming industry when you play your favorite smartphone app on the commute. Christopher Cataldi, co-founder and COO of Genvid Technologies, believes that gaming will continue to attract new users, taking over the audiences of other popular forms of entertainment. Global trends in game development were discussed by developers, owners and top-managers of companies at Wargaming’s conference 4C: St. Petersburg.


  • Virtual World in a Couple of Days

    “Creation of game worlds: from math models to art” – that was the topic of the 10th Interactive School “Technologies of High-Performance Computing and Computer Modeling.” During four days the participants attended lectures on video game development and gamification as well as created their own game worlds.