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  • Top Russian Remakes of Popular Shows & Series to Boost Your Russian

    What if The Office was about the everyday life of Russian nine-to-fivers and the main character of The Sopranos was not a middle-aged mobster struggling with his mental health but a Russian gangster from the ’90s? While some stories remain untouched, others become so popular in Russia that they get their own adaptations. Here are a few popular shows and series to help you explore the Russian language and culture through familiar sets and storylines.


  • Must-Know YouTubers in Russia

    From insightful interviews to breathtaking travelogs to snarky comedy, Russian-speaking YouTube has much to offer! Here’s who to stream to improve your Russian and widen your horizons.


  • ITMO Lecturer Konstantin Pravdin Takes Home Gazprom Neft Educational Award

    Konstantin Pravdin, an employee at ITMO’s Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics, received the Gazprom Neft Award in the Go Digital category at the annual We Are in the Future conference. His YouTube channel with content on mathematics was named the best digital learning solution.


  • ITMO Graduate Dmitry 'Finargot' Plyusnin On His Career in Streaming and Russian Voice-over of Dota 2

    Dmitry Plyusnin graduated from the School of Computer Technologies and Control but has never worked in this field. ITMO.NEWS caught up with Dmitry to find out more about his Dota2VO media community, which he founded as a fourth-year student, and the first Russian voice-over of the popular game.


  • How an ITMO Student and Her Friend's YouTube Channel is Breaking Stereotypes About Women in IT

    Isabella Merkulova and Mariia Kokaiia work together at Panoramik GameDev Studio, and recently they started the YouTube channel DEVchata (a pun on the Russian word for “gals” – Ed.). The co-hosts conduct interviews with experts from the IT world and discuss the industry's concerns. ITMO.NEWS talked to Isabella and Mariia to find out about the channel’s history and plans.  


  • Movie Fridays: A Quick Fix

    Yay it’s September 1! said no movie-obsessed student ever. School may be interesting and everything (cut us some slack as we try to scramble some enthusiasm not to make you all depressed), but with the snazzy Venice and Toronto film festivals marking the homestretch for the Oscars season, the piling-up homework doesn’t usually leave us cinema buffs much time to indulge. Feel a lump in your throat yet? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. There’s a way out, and it comes to us *cue the celestial light and the angels singing* in the form of YouTube. Whether you’re up for some procrastination action or just fancy a little break from racking your brains, here’s our best-of-the-best of the ‘Tube (and no, there’re no cats videos involved). 


  • Blogger Boris Tsatsulin on Science Writing, Kamchatka and Memes

    Four years ago, Boris Tsatsulin launched a channel on fitness and sports supplements; gradually, he expanded its scope to different fields of healthcare, nutrition, and sport: calories, macro- and microelements, the dangers of sugar and salt consumption and health care myth-busting. As of today, more than 120,000 people have joined his community on VK, and more than 275,000 watch his channel on YouTube. The author continues on with his project - recently, he's been to Kamchatka to gather more content for his blog, which he plans to develop while studying at ITMO's Science Communication Master's program. We've talked to Boris about the most successful formats and topics, clickbait headlines, criticism and other aspects of his work.