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  • On-Site Round of “I Am a Professional” Competition: Participants Share

    February 20 marked the final, on-site round of “I am a Professional”, a national competition for university students. ITMO University was one of the venues to host the three-hour contest. Participants of the “It’s Your Call!” winter school, which was held as part of the competition, and the final round of the competition itself, talked with ITMO.NEWS about their competition experience. Did they find the tasks difficult? Were their expectations fulfilled? Read on to find out. 


  • I am a Professional: Qualification Round Starts with Over Half a Million Participants in the Game

    The registration for this year’s national competition for students ‘I am a Professional’ kicked off on September 26 and ended on November 22. A total of 523,612 students submitted their applications, which is 78% more than the last year’s number of 295,000 participants. ‘I am a Professional’ offers its winners a golden opportunity of preferential access to Master’s and PhD programs of leading Russian universities, as well as an internship in a major company and a money prize. Having taken off on November 24, the competition’s qualification round will last all the way to December 9. 


  • International Olympiad in Informatics 2018 Winners: Even If You’re Tired, Don’t Lose Sight of Your Goals

    This September, Russian school students managed to win not one, but four prizes at the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) in Japan. Two members of the winning team, golden and silver medalists Ramazan Rakhmatullin from Kazan and Mikhail Anoprenko from St. Petersburg, have now enrolled at ITMO University’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty, where they continue their training under the associate professor Andrey Stankevich and dream of one day becoming champions of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. ITMO.NEWS met the students to find out how to get into programming, why you shouldn’t give up if you haven’t made it to an international competition on your first try, and how being a contestant can come in handy in everyday life. 


  • ‘I am a Professional’ National Student Competition Takes Off

    Today marks the start of the registration process for the ‘I am a Professional’ national competition for students. For a second year in a row, students from all over Russia can try their hand at the competition’s challenges in a bid to win an internship in a major company, a money prize, and easy access to Master’s and PhD degrees in leading Russian universities. This year’s competition consists of 54 tracks, five of which are coordinated by ITMO University. 


  • “I Am a Professional” Winners On How Competition Changed Their Lives

    First All-Russian “I am a Professional” student competition was held last year. Attracted by the opportunity of free admission to leading Master’s and doctoral programs nationwide, 294,242 students took part in the contest. To encourage the participants, ITMO University decided to go against the usual ‘the winner takes it all’ rule and stretched the right to free admission to the winners of the Semi-Hackathon that was held as part of ITMO’s “It’s Your Call!” winter school. ITMO.NEWS met with the competitions winners who decided to apply to ITMO and asked them what was memorable about the competitions, why they decided to take part, why they chose ITMO, and how the experience changed them. 


  • Stress Tolerance, Life Skills and Guaranteed University Places: Winners of Maths Academic Competition on Why They Decided to Participate

    This year, ‘Formula of Unity / Third Millennium’ Maths academic competition celebrates its twentieth anniversary. This annual event brings together thousands of people from all over the world; from 4,500 of the 2018 participants 1,080 have reached the final stage and 360 won first, second, and third prizes. ITMO.NEWS met the winners in order to find out how they got into Maths, in which competitions they participate, and who they want to become.