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  • Ask a Graduate: ITMO’s Mentorship Program and How It Works

    Is there a way to complete an internship at a major firm – or even launch your own startup – all while getting your degree? How do you build your career? And which job interview life hacks are essential? At ITMO, students receive answers to these and other questions from mentors – successful graduates who hold high-profile positions at major companies in Russia and abroad. We spoke to Lyudmila Tsoy, a manager at the Creative and Corporate Projects Planning Center, about the mentor consultations available to ITMO students.


  • Energy Club ITMO: Competitions, Internships, and More

    Energy Club ITMO is a joint project between ITMO University and Gazprom Neft that offers students a chance to try themselves in the field of traditional and renewable energy under the guidance of practicing specialists and industry representatives. Read on to find out more about the club’s projects, how the club helps students develop their startups and get internships, and what you can do to join.


  • Enhance Your Career With University-Wide Optional Courses at ITMO

    Critical thinking, intercultural communication, sustainable development... Want to study these subjects but you aren't taking any of these majors? Believe it or not, you can study these and many other subjects even if they're not part of your curriculum! Any ITMO student can take an optional course, or факультатив (“fakultativ”), on a wide variety of subjects. Find out which of these courses are available this semester in English and the brains behind the ideas.


  • PRO.ITMO Project: Helping Students Find Their Paths at ITMO From Student Clubs to Internships

    PRO.ITMO is a new project aimed at helping students learn all about the opportunities to be found at ITMO. For instance, there students can take part in workshops, join student clubs, or upgrade their skills. One of the project’s latest initiatives was a series of workshops by university staff and representatives of Russian companies held on October 19 - November 2. Read on to learn more about this event, as well as opportunities offered by PRO.ITMO.


  • ITMO_ENTER: ITMO University Welcomes First-Year Students

    Between August 30 and September 3, ITMO University held the on-site version of ITMO_ENTER, a series of events for first year Bachelor’s and Master’s students with thematic stations where they could learn about the university and meet their fellow students and lecturers. 


  • ITMO Students Can Receive Funding to Participate in Online Educational Events

    The pandemic is not the reason to cancel participation in international events. Check out the stories of our students who have received partial funding support from ITMO University and see the list of upcoming schools to apply for.