Following the lead of hundreds of other universities participating in the Priority 2030 National Program, ITMO University is launching Bonustrack – an online retraining program implemented within the Digital Economy National Program that makes it possible for the university’s Bachelor’s and Master’s students to obtain additional qualifications in IT during their studies. Previously, students also had an opportunity to receive extra education, but it wasn’t until this year that they could do it completely free. 

The program offers two courses developed by ITMO’s Higher School of Digital Culture: Digital Analytics Technologies and Data Analysis Methods (both taught in Russian). The courses are meant to equip students with digital competencies associated with algorithm and software development, thus preparing them to solve real-world applied problems and pursue their careers in IT and other related fields. 

“We want most of our students to successfully complete their studies and receive an additional specialization in big data, which will drastically improve their chances of getting a job. After all, even if they majored in a different field, a Bonustrack diploma could be their ticket into IT,” says Dmitry Shuklin, the head of ITMO’s Department of Corporate Training and Professional Development. 


Students from non-IT specializations can sign up for a course in digital analytics technologies where they will learn everything about big data, including how to collect, process and interpret information, evaluate its statistical parameters, make use of Python and its libraries NumPy and pandas in Jupyter Notebook, store big data in relational database management systems, and identify patterns and irregularities using machine learning. 

Meanwhile, IT majors are welcome to study another course on data analysis methods that will allow them to not only get hold of relational database management systems and statistical data parameters but also learn how machine learning can help in tackling applied challenges. The course requires basic programming skills. 



Each course includes a list of subjects that are marked in different colors on the website:

  • Subjects marked green (for Bachelor’s students) are core subjects that can be counted towards the completion of the Bonustrack program;

  • Subjects marked yellow (for Master’s students) are core subjects that are taught at Bachelor’s programs at ITMO and can also be counted towards the completion of the Bonustrack program. If a Master’s student completed a Bachelor’s program at another university, they will study some of these subjects at ITMO;

  • Subjects marked white are new core subjects that will be offered in the spring semester to all. 


Bonustrack is an online program with occasional real-time consultations that will take place from October 1 to July 1, 2023. As noted by Dmitry Shuklin, the organizers did their best to make sure that students could combine the study of the retraining program with their main studies without harming their academic success.

During their course, students will undergo a number of mandatory online assessments that will be held by Innopolis University on their own platform.


  • Introductory assessment (September 12-25): even if a student fail the first assessment, it won’t affect their participation in the program;

  • Interim assessment (December 15-30) will demonstrate a student’s progress; 

  • Final assessment will be performed by Innopolis University to analyze students' progress in the course. A grade for this assessment won’t affect students’ performance, as well.

Master’s students who will successfully defend their final projects will be issued a diploma of professional retraining immediately, while Bachelor’s students will be awarded their diplomas after graduation. Projects can be performed both independently and as part of a team. During their presentations, students will have to showcase how the studied technologies can be used to analyze data in their fields. 

How to apply

The program is designed for second-to-fourth Bachelor’s and Master’s students regardless of their specializations. Students can apply via my.itmo in the Заявки / Учеба (Applications / Studies) section until September 6. The results will be announced on September 10