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  • KronBars Named Best Russian Student Sports Club for the Fifth Year in a Row

    ITMO University’s student sports club KronBars won the Best Russian Student Sports Club competition, as well as took first place in the Best Marketing category. Dmitry Rusanov, general manager of the club, became the best student sports marketer for the second time, and Angelina Shulyakovskaya, the club’s digital manager, placed first in the Media Marketing category. We asked them to share how they manage to stay on top and what they thought of the victory


  • Cold and Soaked but Happy: Participants About Bike Ride With the Rector 14.0

    Eight years ago, ITMO Rector Vladimir Vasilyev headed the first-ever ITMO bike ride, which has become a beloved tradition of all members of ITMO.Family. Twice a year, in spring and autumn, ITMO students, graduates, and staff gather at one of St. Petersburg’s parks to ride side by side with the Rector, meet new friends, and, of course, take a group photo. ITMO.NEWS talked to some of the participants of the 14th bike ride to learn what they think about the initiative and how often they ride bikes.


  • Walk Like a Russian

    St. Petersburg is made for walking and that’s just what we’ll do, thought the participants of a growing movement of long-distance walkers, lacing up their sneakers. You, too, can explore the city on foot, and make some new friends while you’re at it.


  • GTO: a Soviet Health and Sports Project Picks Up Speed

    Want to be healthy, fast and strong? Maybe even score in the next Football World Cup? Ok, that's a stretch - but over the summer, why not check out a sports program once popular in the Soviet Union and gaining ground today.


  • Sports, Festivals, Creativity on the Karelian Isthmus - A Summer In Yagodnoe

    Are you tired of the city and constantly being on the computer? Then it's time for a session at the Yagodnoe camp! At the Yagodnoe Sports Camp, ITMO students and staff will immerse in sports, spend an unforgettable time contemplating the mesmerizing nature of the Karelian Isthmus, sing songs at the campfire, hike and do lots of other great things. What's more, this year Yagodnoe has been renovated: new housing and canteen were built on the shore of the Berestovoye lake; the sports infrastructure has been improved, as well. Also, one can now rent housing even for a single day there.


  • Beauty Pageants Are not for Smart People: Winner of Miss ITMO 2017 Was Announced

    The Miss ITMO contest came to an end last week. This year, the winner’s crown was given to Anna Grigorieva, a student of the Department of Engineering and Computer Graphics.  


  • King of the Ring: ITMO Sportsmen win the Student MMA League

    The finals of the Student MMA League, which was a part of the VsporteFest took place in St. Petersburg on April 7. The winners were chosen on a basis of points gained by individuals and the whole team. 


  • ITMO Opens a Judo Training Base

    Last Saturday, ITMO University and the Judo Federation of the Leningrad Region (JFLR) signed a collaboration agreement which will instigate the creation of a judo training base on the university's territory. Read about how this will affect the university and sports in the Leningrad region in our article.


  • Delicacy for Sportsmen- How to Eat Ice-Cream and Build Muscle

    Sport nutrition has never been so tasty — specialists of ITMO’s Department of Applied Biotechnology created a sugarless ice-cream with increased concentration of protein which helps build muscle.


  • Going Extreme — Active & Adventure Sports in Saint Petersburg

    Sometimes what you need is not some regular sports activity, but an "adventure" or a thrill to switch your mind off studies and let it rest. Doing something extreme may just be what you need — and Saint Petersburg has a lot to offer.