During the first day, it was the Individual Competition; the participants had 3.5 hours to solve nine tasks. According to the participants, the time limit was really harsh - in most competitions, that would have been 4-5 hours.

The Team Competition took place on the second day of the event. The participants were to solve a single task in just 20 minutes, then submit their solutions and get the next one; all in all, each team got eight tasks. The problem fields included algebra, real and complex analysis, geometry, combinatorial theory and probability theory.

Following the Olympiad’s results, Dmitry Yakutov got the first degree diploma in the Individual Competition and was named the Olympiad’s gold medal winner; during the All-Russian round of the competition at Volga State University of Technology, he also became the absolute winner and got gold in both Russian and international rankings. Dmitry is a recurrent participant of many international competitions, and has always showed great results.

Dmitry Yakutov

Dmitry Belikov also got a gold medal and a first grade diploma for his team. During the All-Russian round, he got a silver medal, and a bronze medal in the international ranking. Despite being a second-year Bachelor student, Dmitry has already participated in many different competitions, yet this was the first time he got gold in an international one.

Dmitry Belikov

Maria Popyrkina got a silver medal and a second grade diploma; at the All-Russian round, she got bronze. She also became the winner of the contest for getting the Russian Government Scholarship for Mathematics.

Maria Popyrkina

All of the participants from ITMO University are students of the Computer Technology Department; the team was trained by the university’s professors - Alexander Ryzhkov, Associate Professor for the Department of Applied Mathematics, Tatyana Rodina, Senior Lecturer for the Department of Applied Mathematics, and the Department’s Head - Igor Popov.