New Year’s resolutions (kind of)

So 2019 is almost over. What? So fast? (Checking the calendar twice) or was it as fast as we remember? This year was quite ambiguous. But what did we learn or not learn thanks to this year?

There was Greta Thunberg, global warming, loud words, slow actions. When I was running to work under the heaviest rain in the middle of December, I thought to myself, what if all of that is true? Of course, we’re trying to be more eco-friendly, we have our own cups for coffee, try to recycle at least paper and plastic and use less water. But what if it’s not enough? Just warm memories about cold winters make me try more. Next year let’s promise ourselves to care about the environment more. At least to try.

Every year I feel like people get more and more offended by words. And on the other hand, people say more and more offensive words. Paradoxically as life itself. So maybe this year we can promise ourselves to be a little bit kinder. Maybe to tell your roommate that she/he looks really nice today or to help someone to carry a heavy pack of books or even stop yourself from typing some mean comment under a blog post of a popular blogger.

Half of this year I spent studying in another country. It was an amazing experience and when I got back, I realized what’s it all for. When you’re a kid and parents take you to school and back, you just study for them or because it’s just right or you don’t study at all. But when you get older, when you have more experience, you realize that everything you learn from this book or from that class is useful. It’s becoming a part of you. And when you put all these parts together, you have your real opinion and smartness. So maybe in 2020 we can try to study more? A little bit?

2019 was big for me. I’ve been to a lot of countries. And even in the richest of them, I saw people just laying on the ground, sleeping and having no place to live. I worked as a volunteer this year and I learnt two useful things. I learnt to appreciate what I have and to help someone who doesn’t have it. We have legs, arms, we can walk, run, do sports, meet friends, study, fall in love, help our parents, help our grandparents, every day learn something new, stay in bed the whole Sunday, make mistakes, make right choices and be happy. Let’s remember that we have our life. Let’s appreciate it.

Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New year! 2020 is gonna be legen (wait for 2021)dary!

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