Myths and Truths About the Students Services Office

A lot of you already know the three magical words that have almost all the answers to your questions — Students. Services. Office. And since the SSO is working for almost 10 months now, here are 10 myths and truths about it.

1. The SSO can expel you for any reason simply over a phone call or an email

Even if the Office wanted to, which it does not, its staff cannot expel you without a severe reason and going through a formal procedure. You can only be expelled based on major academic or financial debts or some serious violation of university rules. We sincerely hope you don’t fall under any of the above-mentioned categories which might cause you to be expelled.

2. The SSO has a mighty power to share the access to the internal system with anyone who wants it

Unfortunately, that’s a myth. There is an even higher power that can perform such actions — Department of Academic Affairs. The SSO is capable of informing this department about any existing problems, but the final decision is up to them.

3. The SSO can prepare almost any kind of certificate for ITMO students in both Russian and English

That is the truth! You can ask the Office to provide you with almost any type of certificate (which is related to your education at ITMO) and the staff will either prepare it for you or will tell you where to get it.

4. The SSO can identify you by your voice in a phone call or by your writing style in an email

The staff would love to have such a talent to avoid all the questions during calls or emails, but it is yet to become a reality.

5. Calling SSO right after sending an email will increase your chances of resolving the problem immediately

Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. If you haven’t received a response, then the SSO doesn’t have an answer for you yet. But we are always working on it!

6. The SSO can help you if you have any sort of problem with your educational process or with your teachers

Certain members of our staff are always (well, 9−19 mon-fri) there for you to understand, investigate and resolve your difficulties and problems with the educational process. All you need to do is call the office number or write an email and wait for the miracle to happen.

7. SSO staff members remember your issues and will reach out to you as soon as they have a solution

The letters you write are stored in our email inbox, the questions you ask via phone are carefully written down in a notebook. Each question will receive its own response as soon as the staff member who helps you has it.

8. The SSO has the time to not only give you a quick answer via phone or email, but also to speak to you about your studies and give you further consultation

That is not only true but also super easy to do! If you sign up for a consultation via ISU, one of the employees will reach out to you and speak with you personally about your troubles (or success!).

9. The more times you call and/or email the SSO with your question, the quicker you will get a response

If you cannot wait to get your response, sit on a comfortable chair and recall some Tibetan proverb about patience. The right decision or answer will come to you eventually — well, as soon as the SSO gets it.

10. The SSO can point you to the right department if your question cannot be answered at the Student Services Office

The staff of the office are specially taught and trained to know all the departments. Even when one of us doesn’t have the information, another one does and will help you and his/her fellow colleagues as well.

Working for only 10 months, the Student Services Office has been through a lot: its launching, the start of the new academic year, readmissions and transfers, moving to our new office, the pandemic… but nevertheless in all these circumstances we are here for our students and always ready to help.

It’s always hard and scary to start something new, especially when you’re so comfortable in the system that has worked the same for years. But as the first non-classic university, we are ready to break out of our comfort zone and meet students' needs in the most effective way.

Being here, helping you for 10 months is an inspiring and motivating job that we will be happy to do for a long time, as long as it helps you and makes you happy.