Participation in academic exchange programs allows students to enhance their networks and competencies, as well as grow professionally in one or several fields. The mission of the DVIZH program is to expand educational opportunities for students studying at the partner universities and stimulate development in science and technology through a mutually beneficial collaboration. 

Last semester, the program welcomed 18 participants (mainly, from ITMO University and the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration), with as many as 8 students choosing National Research Nuclear University MEPhI as their host university. 

“The program was a success for both students and staff so we decided to make it a regular practice. We used what we learned last semester to adjust and fine-tune business processes associated with the inner working of universities and their interactions with one another, which will undoubtedly affect the quality of this year’s launch and help us attract more participants,” notes Evgenii Raskin, ITMO’s Vice Rector for Youth Policy. 

The program offers students an opportunity to choose courses of their interest and form individual learning tracks. The number of available courses increased from 200 to 236 since last season. Host universities can add new courses into their curriculum, if necessary. 

Students applying for universities outside their city of residence will be offered a transfer and accommodation according to the regulations set by the host university. The program kicks off on February 6. The registration deadline is December 20.

The training takes place on-site. The number of students is limited. Learn more about the program’s requirements and educational opportunities here (in Russian).