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  • A Semester in a New City: DVIZH Academic Mobility Program Kicks Off at ITMO

    Students can now study for a semester at one of the five participating universities in Russia with the new DVIZH academic mobility program. In total, 184 applications from 130 students were submitted, and this fall ITMO will welcome 50 students from Moscow universities, while 14 ITMO.Family members will spend a semester in the capital. Learn more about the program and students’ learning tracks below.


  • Future of MRI: ITMO’s Magnetic Resonance Imaging Summer School Attracts 70+ Students, Engineers, Medical Scientists

    In late June, ITMO University’s Faculty of Physics hosted a school in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Over the course of six days, leading specialists from the university and other scientific institutions educated the participants on the fundamentals of MRI, spoke on the latest advances in the field – including the cutting-edge devices developed by the Faculty of Physics – and hosted workshops on the methods of production and processing of magnetic resonance images. The school was organized jointly with the Almazov National Medical Research Center; its staff conducted a tour of the clinic and showed the MRI systems in action.


  • Research & Manage: Who Are Principal Investigators?

    Modern science is becoming more and more like an industry – there’s a constant increase in research pace and competitiveness. That’s why breakthrough discoveries are made by teams, not separate specialists. Leaders of such teams are called principal investigators (PIs). They manage research projects, always know what’s relevant, and are responsible for their teams and the results they achieve. We talked to Alexey Slobozhanyuk, a coordinator of ITMO’s strategic project Scientific Breakthrough, to find out more about this profession.


  • Creation of Advanced Engineering School at ITMO Approved by Russian Government

    ITMO University has been named a winner of the federal call for establishment of advanced engineering schools (AES). Results of the selection were announced by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin during a session of the Russian Government.


  • ITMO University to Host Second PI School by SCAMT

    ITMO’s SCAMT Institute will once again hold a summer school for young scholars who want to found and develop their own laboratories. This year, the event is organized in partnership with the Russian-based oil and gas company Tatneft. Future PIs and experts will gather at the company’s corporate university in Almetyevsk to discuss how to start a career in science and where to find academic and industry partners. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming event.


  • ITMO’s First Vice Rector Daria Kozlova Joins Expert Group for Development of Russian Far-East Universities

    During a recent strategic session in the city of Vladivostok, heads of universities from 11 regions of the Russian Far East were joined by experts and government representatives to discuss the development strategies of universities participating in the upcoming Priority 2030. Far East initiative. ITMO University’s First Vice Rector Daria Kozlova also took part in the session.


  • ITMO Partners With GUP TEK on Digital Adaptation Program for Senior Citizens

    How should the older generation adapt to societal changes and stay up to date on the latest in health and culture? This is a question that the online platform Third Age University aims to answer. The project was developed by specialists from ITMO University; recently, they were also joined by GUP TEK – a state unitary enterprise that provides approximately 48% of all fuel and energy services in the city of St. Petersburg. ITMO.NEWS found out about the project’s results so far and its future plans for development.


  • ITMO University and Bosch Launch Research Project in Active Matter Physics

    ITMO University and Bosch corporation have signed an agreement on conducting research in the field of active matter physics, a field hitherto not studied in Russia. Within the joint project, researchers are working with clusters of macro- and microparticles that can migrate and regroup into new structures. In the future, this project will result in new technologies for the energy  industry, manufacturing, and healthcare. 


  • New Interdisciplinary Collaboration Combining Particle Physics and Nanophotonics

    Headed by Rector Vladimir Vasilyev, a delegation of scientists from ITMO’s School of Physics and Engineering has recently returned from the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) located in Dubna, Moscow Oblast. JINR is an international intergovernmental scientific organization that conducts research in the fields of nuclear and particle physics, as well as the physics of condensed media. The visit paid by ITMO University’s physicists will result in a large-scale interdisciplinary collaboration and the launch of a new field of research for the university. 


  • Students of ITMO and Gazprom Neft Joint Program on Their Specialization

    In 2020, ITMO’s Center for Chemical Engineering introduced the Bioeconomics and Resource Management program for Master’s students. One of its specializations, Modern Aspects of Oil and Gas Engineering, is implemented within the framework of Gazprom Neft Corporate University’s program and League of Universities, initiatives focused on collaboration with Russia’s leading universities.