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  • ITMO Partners With GUP TEK on Digital Adaptation Program for Senior Citizens

    How should the older generation adapt to societal changes and stay up to date on the latest in health and culture? This is a question that the online platform Third Age University aims to answer. The project was developed by specialists from ITMO University; recently, they were also joined by GUP TEK – a state unitary enterprise that provides approximately 48% of all fuel and energy services in the city of St. Petersburg. ITMO.NEWS found out about the project’s results so far and its future plans for development.


  • ITMO University and Bosch Launch Research Project in Active Matter Physics

    ITMO University and Bosch corporation have signed an agreement on conducting research in the field of active matter physics, a field hitherto not studied in Russia. Within the joint project, researchers are working with clusters of macro- and microparticles that can migrate and regroup into new structures. In the future, this project will result in new technologies for the energy  industry, manufacturing, and healthcare. 


  • New Interdisciplinary Collaboration Combining Particle Physics and Nanophotonics

    Headed by Rector Vladimir Vasilyev, a delegation of scientists from ITMO’s School of Physics and Engineering has recently returned from the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) located in Dubna, Moscow Oblast. JINR is an international intergovernmental scientific organization that conducts research in the fields of nuclear and particle physics, as well as the physics of condensed media. The visit paid by ITMO University’s physicists will result in a large-scale interdisciplinary collaboration and the launch of a new field of research for the university. 


  • Students of ITMO and Gazprom Neft Joint Program on Their Specialization

    In 2020, ITMO’s Center for Chemical Engineering introduced the Bioeconomics and Resource Management program for Master’s students. One of its specializations, Modern Aspects of Oil and Gas Engineering, is implemented within the framework of Gazprom Neft Corporate University’s program and League of Universities, initiatives focused on collaboration with Russia’s leading universities.


  • ITMO Highpark to Welcome Russia’s First Industrial Symbiosis Center

    On June 5, ITMO Highpark JSC, the St. Petersburg Foundation for SME Development, and the St. Petersburg Cleantech Cluster signed an agreement on the pilot implementation of intelligent vertical urban farms at ITMO Highpark. The signing occurred as part of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). The project will be based on the principles of industrial symbiosis with subsequent recycling of organic waste. This green approach to farming will not only ensure economic growth, but also improve the region’s quality of life and its environmental state.


  • ITMO's School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems Becomes Partner of the INTARI Company

    On June 3, Roman Zernov, the head of the NefteGasInvest INTARI company, and Igor Baranov, the head of ITMO’s School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems, signed a cooperation agreement.


  • Data Processing Center To Appear at ITMO Highpark

    As part of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2021, ITMO Highpark and JSC Ruselectronics’s JSC RPC Impulse, supported by the St. Petersburg branch of Russian Engineering Union, have signed an agreement to create a cutting-edge data processing center with an immersion cooling system at the innovative R&D center in Yuzhny satellite city.


  • South Korea and ITMO University Strengthen Academic Cooperation

    On May 31, Kwon Dongseok, the Consul General of the Republic of Korea in St. Petersburg, paid his first official visit to ITMO University, accompanied by the consul Park Ju Yon and the administrative officer Lee Sung Kyung.


  • ITMO.OPEN: Educational Practices – Results of the Conference

    On May 24-25, ITMO University hosted a conference for lecturers and representatives of other universities during which the university’s staff shared their experience of building an innovative educational ecosystem and their colleagues – the best practices in that field. The participants discussed how to attract and hold students’ full attention, make work and studies truly convenient for everyone, employ gamification and personification in education, and work with rating agencies.


  • School for Young Scientists: ITMO University Hosts PI School by SCAMT

    The school will feature presentations by leading scholars from different parts of Russia who will speak about their research teams known in the country and abroad. Participants will be able to create laboratories at their higher education institutions with the support of the school’s mentors. The school is organized by ITMO University and the Center for Strategic Research North-West.