Our university’s new Development Strategy introduced four strategic projects: ITMO.Impact, Scientific Breakthrough, Highly Personalized Value-Based Education, and Well-Being. The implementation of the strategy will focus on projects – and every staff member and student can propose their own.

Projects will be categorized into four groups focused on:

  • ITMO’s key technologies within the scope of its M-platforms;
  • research conducted on the scientific frontier;
  • new research teams from Master’s and PhD students;
  • new technologies designed around the challenges tackled by the strategic projects.

It must also be noted that the projects need to focus not only on solving challenges within the university (as it was with the ITMO.Future contest), but beyond it, as well. Examples include:

  • development of new technologies;
  • solutions created by the university in collaboration with its partners;
  • projects focused on the goals of the four strategic projects;
  • close collaboration with the city and the Russian and global academic community.

Learn more about the contest on November 16 during a special online webinar. Detailed documents and the application form will become available at a later date on 2030.itmo.ru, where you can also learn all about ITMO University’s Development Strategy for 2030.

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Strategic Development Department, ITMO University


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