Evgenya, Aleksander and Sonya are first-year Bachelor students and were having fun exploring the activities at ITMO.GO. They learned about the university at ITMO’s Museum of Optics and also during an open day earlier this year. When asked about why they chose ITMO, Evgenya commented: “I really liked the atmosphere here. And of course, the fact that ITMO offers the major I want, which is design and technology.” In five years, they see themselves as “strong, confident, and independent people” and plan to become game and app designers.

Marta is a first-year bachelor student in Food Biotechnologies and is hoping to open her own coffee shop after she graduates. “I have a friend who is completely in love with this university and kept telling me about it. When I found out it also has biotech, it was an easy choice. I hope it will be fun to study!”

Maksim and Oksana are now students at Faculty of Secondary Vocational Education and are thinking about working towards advanced degrees and launching a startup. Maksim commented: “I learned about ITMO from friends and can’t think of a place that would offer a better education. I expect a lot of positive experiences and look forward to developing my startup ideas.”

Adand is a Bachelor student from China and already speaks excellent Russian. “I learned about it a year ago by recommendation and decided to come. I think it’s the best university for IT. I’m looking forward to an exciting year here at ITMO and in St. Petersburg.”

Yaroslav is a Master's student and is excited to advance his career in science. “The head of my department at ITMO came to Bachelor's thesis defence at another university and told me about the things they do here. I think it’s very exciting! It’s the place to be if you want to move science forward.”

Claude is a Bachelor student from Zambia. Why ITMO? “I read that it’s one of the nicest universities in Russia and one of the best when it comes to technical subjects. I look forward to making new friends and becoming one of the best students.” 

Ilya, Evgeny and their friend are Master’s students in Lighting Design and Security Systems. Why did they choose to pursue their graduate degrees at ITMO?

Evgeny said: “Because ITMO is new and innovative and it spends a lot of resources on making sure we have everything we need to carry out our projects. Also, it offers lots of opportunities for activities outside the classroom, both study-related and just fun. We always try to participate.”