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  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #45

    Twice a month, ITMO.NEWS looks back on the key science news from recent weeks. Today, we’ll be reviewing a slate of updates from the Infochemistry Scientific Center and hearing the stories of an educator, a researcher, and a student whose successes promise to make the world better, each in its own way.


  • It’s More Than a University, It’s a Family: ITMO Students Share Impressions from Bike Ride With the Rector

    ITMO’s traditional Bike Ride With the Rector was held for the 18th time yesterday, welcoming around 80 participants. Read on for the highlights of this year’s event!


  • Up in Space: ITMO Turns 123

    On March 26, ITMO turned 123, but the celebrations, as per tradition, lasted the whole preceding week. There were business games, board game nights, art workshops, and even a family festival, ITMO Family Day Mini. Here’s our recap of all the fun that unfolded last week at ITMO.


  • Faster, Bigger, Livelier – Notes From the 16th Bike Ride With the Rector

    The first in this academic year, but 16th overall – yesterday’s traditional Bike Ride with the Rector coincided luckily with the last day of a short Indian summer. The event brought together dozens of students, lecturers, and staff of ITMO University. Together, they traveled the customary route through Primorsky Victory Park and over Yakhtenny Bridge. Despite a busy schedule, the university’s Rector Vladimir Vasilyev led the event – and so did the staff of ITMO.NEWS. Here’s what we saw there.


  • The History of ITMO.Megabattle

    Year after year, our students converge at ITMO.Megabattle to compete in creativity, athleticism, intelligence, and scientific prowess – all to prove that their school deserves to be called the best. ITMO.NEWS has decided to look into the event’s history.


  • How to Join ITMO’s First Large-Scale Study of Academic Quality of Life

    ITMO University is launching a large-scale study of health and quality of life in the academic environment. Over the course of three weeks (June 6-24), any ITMO staff member and student can make their contribution to science and learn more about their health. The study is part of the university’s strategic project Well-Being and its results will directly affect the quality of services that are being developed for members of ITMO.Family. Read all about the study, how to take part in it, and why it will benefit everybody.


  • Top Graduate Ekaterina Smelaya: ITMO Always Has Your Back

    Ekaterina Smelaya has just graduated from the Master’s program Science Communication. In this interview, she talks about enrolling at ITMO, why there's always more to learn in math, and how the university taught her to be a podcaster. 


  • Winners of ITMO.STARS on Their Experience at ITMO University

    Initiated four years ago, ITMO.STARS is an unconventional admission competition meant for talented and motivated students who would like to study at ITMO University but couldn't earn enough USE points for a tuition-free position.


  • ITMO University Launches Its 2021 Admission Campaign

    Starting today, prospective students of ITMO University can submit their application by visiting the coworking and library spaces at the university’s Lomonosova St. 9 campus. Moreover, you can apply online by signing up on the official ITMO admissions website.


  • ITMO.FUTURE 2.0: Outcomes of the Initiative Contest

    This year, ITMO University launched the ITMO.FUTURE contest for the second time. In March, students and staff could share their ideas on how to improve the university. Until April 21, students who would like to help winners implement their projects can also apply to join their teams.