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  • Intergenerational Teamwork: ITMO University Introduces a New Mentorship Program

    Mentorship is one of the most effective ways of transferring knowledge from an experienced professional to a beginning specialist. Many a successful entrepreneur have in their time sought advice from mentors, which had a positive impact on them and their projects. This fall, ITMO’s Alumni Relations Center is launching a new mentorship program which will allow students to find mentors and receive valuable advice related to their professional future. Learn more on the program in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • Rain or Shine: A Look at ITMO University’s 11th Bike Ride with the Rector

    It seems that rain does not scare fans of biking at ITMO University. Despite the dismal weather, dozens of students and staff members turned up for the biannual bike ride with the University’s Rector Vladimir Vasilyev. Those who took part in the ride shared with us their favorite routes and impressions and explained why rain made this year’s event all the more special.


  • Why ITMO is More than a University

    One of the reasons why you probably picked ITMO University is because it’s unlike any other university in Russia, and for that matter, the world. It’s a trailblazer, a pioneer and a visionary when it comes to just about anything: from making sure that every student is fluent in English to overhauling the entire curriculum to make it personalized and centered around you. Yes, it was ambitious and a little crazy, but you might as well get used to how we do things around here.  What can you check out today to get you off to a running start?


  • ITMO.GO: Thousands of First-Year Students Join ITMO University

    ITMO.GO is an annual event for welcoming new members to the ITMO.FAMILY, a community of staff, students, graduates, partners, and friends of ITMO University. This year’s celebration was attended by more than 5,000 people including ITMO Bachelor's, Master's and PhD  first-year students. Keeping totradition, the grandiose open-air event was held at the square in front of the Baltic House theater in the verdured setting of Alexandrovsky park. The festivity was as fun as it was informative; ITMO newcomers not only had the chance to let their hair down before the start of their new academic adventure, but also learned about the exciting opportunities the university offers, enrolled into ITMO’s artistic and sport clubs, and enjoyed a virtual bike ride with the Rector.


  • Great Expectations: ITMO Welcomes New Students

    It’s Go Time here at ITMO! The new academic year got off to a great start this Saturday at ITMO.GO. We caught up with some of our new students to find out about why they chose our university and learn about their hopes and dreams.


  • Results of the 2018 Admissions Campaign at ITMO University

    The 2018 admissions campaign at ITMO University has come to a close; the lists of students admitted to Bachelor’s and Master’s programs have been published (links are in Russian). This year’s Bachelor’s students have, as usual, demonstrated high Unified State Exam (USE) scores. A large share of the newly-admitted Master’s students are graduates of other universities.


  • Results of ITMO’s Bachelor Admissions Campaign 2018

    The admissions campaign for 2018’s Bachelor’s degree programs has come to a close, and the lists of students admitted into tuition-free positions have been published (link in Russian). As usual, entrants showed high Unified State Exam (USE) scores in subjects related to information technologies and programming. This year’s applicants also had a chance to enroll in a tuition-free position even with a USE score below the requirement thanks to the ITMO.STARS initiative.


  • ITMO Graduate from India on Benefits of Double Degree

    Soumen Banerjee came to ITMO University in September 2015 after getting his Bachelor’s degree in Calcutta. He enrolled at ITMO’s High-Performance Computing Department on a double-degree program and spent the first year of his studies in St. Petersburg. Having received his Master’s degree in Big Data, Soumen explains why the experience he acquired in his studies may well be a key part of his professional career and why the young specialist wants to come back to Russia.


  • ITMO.GO: New Students Join the ITMO Family

    To accept the challenges of the 21st century, to remain open to the most outlandish ideas, to share their last bitcoin with their friends and to try not to hack Pentagon without a good reason – these are the promises made by the thousands of first-year students of the “first non-classical” as they began the new academic year at ITMO University. The massive open-air event unfolded on a square in front of the “Baltiyskiy Dom” theatre in Alexandrovskiy Park. There, ITMO University’s new students learned about the new opportunities provided to them by the university, raced against each other, played tug-of-war with an enormous USB cable and took part in raffles. As per tradition, they sealed a “Memory Stick” with their messages which will be read out in six years on their graduation day.


  • ITMO Celebrates Graduation Day In Style

    More than a thousand of ITMO University’s graduates received their diplomas at the very heart of St. Petersburg, right by the walls of the Peter-and-Paul Fortress. The massive ITMO.Live event was traditionally held on the first Saturday of July and was available to locals, guests of the city and friends of the university. The top graduates received their diplomas from Rector Vladimir Vasilyev, Oksana Oracheva, the general director of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation and Daniil Utkin – one of the country’s most promising young students who achieved a total of 300 points on his Unified State Exam results. On that day, the attendants could entertain themselves in the interactivity zone: bond with their partner at the ITMO.LOVE zone, take home a portrait or a photo, try innovative ice-cream or become part of the university’s history through a video-message. The event culminated in a performance by the iconic St. Petersburg performers – Billy’s Band.


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