Experts from ITMO University joined the career track at the World Youth Festival. During a talk show on the future of the job market, organized by HeadHunter, specialists from major IT companies and universities used real-life cases to demonstrate the benefits of digital technologies in terms of improving companies’ competitive ability on the market, as well as the efficiency of production and educational processes.

Ivan Vishnevsky, a specialist at ITMO’s Learning Analytics Center, shared the results of introducing ITMO TRACK, a recommendation service for applicants, and ITMO Lens, a video system that evaluates classroom availability at the university. With ITMO TRACK, future ITMO students can see their path from first year to graduation, conveniently visualized and containing an individual learning track with courses and exams. ITMO Lens is already being used to assess the capacity of classrooms via video feed.

“AI is a tool that can be beneficial only along with clearly formulated principles regarding data collection, storage, and management. At ITMO, we use AI as a basis for our projects: learning analytics for predicting academic backlog and expulsions, computer vision for analyzing student engagement, and individual learning tracks that students make themselves based on keywords and desired competencies,” says Ivan.

A total of 20,000 young leaders in education, science, business, sports, and culture from 190 countries took part in the World Youth Festival. The event was held according to a presidential order in the Sirius federal territory in Sochi.

ITMO.NEWS Editorial team