This app translates spoken language to text, and is great for making notes of lectures. Despite the fact that it was initially promoted as an app for students with hearing and eyesight problems, it will also come in handy to those who simply dislike taking notes.

Everytale works in a real-time mode, saving lectures to a cloud, so that you can access them whenever you like. The process of converting spoken language to text takes no longer than a second. The texts can be also forwarded via messengers or email. What’s more, Everytale features a quick camera mode in case you want to film an important part of a presentation.

Everytale can also translate a text to any foreign language, so it will be of use to people who arrive to a different country and don’t know the local languages, for example international students. The interface is available in English and Russian.

In March 2019, when information about Everytale just started to appear in the media, the application was only on the testing stage. It was already being used by students of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, as well as students of the Academy’s college (every educational establishment gets an account in the app; the list is constantly growing, so be sure to check it for your university). The testing stage was completed in 2019, and now the app is available for Android.

Everytale. Credit: iguides.ru
Everytale. Credit: iguides.ru


Photomath is a dream application for anyone who needs to find a solution to a math problem. The smart calculator can solve complex a number of complex problems and tasks. The best thing about Photomath is that users don’t have to input data: the software does this on its own. All you have to do is to use your camera – Photomath will recognize the equation and display a detailed solution on your smartphone. According to users’ feedback, the service is a huge help to students. 

The app is free and available for Android and iOS. It was released in October 2014, and since 2016, the recognition of handwritten texts has also become available.

MATH 42 and MalMath

MATH 42 and MalMath are two more services that can ease the pain of calculations calculations. MATH 42 is a program for students that not only helps solve problems but also explains their solutions step by step. What’s more, it offers several different solutions at once. Another bonus is a section dedicated to training. 

Photomath. Credit: croatiaweek.com
Photomath. Credit: croatiaweek.com

The application is available for iOS. Its counterpart for Android is MalMath.


Grammarly is an irreplaceable helper to everyone who has to write texts in English. The service not only checks spelling but is also good at correcting grammar mistakes. 

The basic version of Grammarly is free, all you have to do is to register on the website. Grammarly operates online and checks whatever you write in a real-time mode. The free version checks beginner’s mistakes: missed articles, conjugations, and so on. The service will also show missing or unnecessary commas. The identification of more complex mistakes is also available (like the use of adjectives instead of adverbs and so on).

Many users admire the app’s interface, which is user-friendly and adjustable. For every mistake, you get various correction options that you can accept or decline; you are also given relevant explanations. Therefore, Grammarly helps you to not only write correctly but also learn from your mistakes.

Photomath. Credit: croatiaweek.com
Photomath. Credit: croatiaweek.com

An important component of the service is its integration in the system.You can install the Grammarly extension that will check spelling in your browser, for example when you’re writing emails or using messengers.

Grammarly’s full capabilities are available with a premium account (the minimal price within an annual plan is about 11 USD per month), which offers access to a more in-depth grammatical analysis of texts. The premium mode also adjusts to a text’s style, be it an essay, a blog post, and so on. Among the other useful tools are a plagiarism detector and a function that offers synonyms for lexical diversity.


Modern education is becoming more and more practice-oriented, therefore services that help create educational projects on your own are in high demand. Kahoot allows to create tests, polls, educational games or launch a contest. Simply put, this is a service that helps assess one’s own and others’ knowledge and learn to work as a team.

Kahoot. Credit: optionsforlearning.org
Kahoot. Credit: optionsforlearning.org

In order to start working with this website, you have to register and specify whether you are a student or a teacher. After that, you are given access to a page with the most popular and new tests and games, developed by the app’s other users. You can also go to the New K section in order to create a project of your own. You are free to choose what exactly you want to create. The free version offers four options: “quiz”, “jumble”, “discussion”, and “survey”.

By the way, the tests can be in different languages: you just have to specify what language it should be completed in. You also have to specify who can access your test and what your target group is. What’s more, you can also add introductory videos to your projects.

You can add as many questions as you want. Tests can be taken via a mobile app or on the service’s website. You can share the links on your website or in social networks. The full list of cases that you can use the service for (which is quite long and includes such things as teamwork, networking, training, etc.) is available here.

The application has both a desktop and a smartphone version.