This month, I've been searching for healthier snacks and treats, and the luck is I did find something that I can voluntarily tuck into when I’m craving something sweet. This an ice cream with salted caramel and cream by Bombbar. The package says that it’s low-calorie, sugar-free and high-protein – and, in fact, it is also deliciously good. It can be found in local supermarkets and, better still, Yandex Lavka. I definitely recommend you give it a taste.


Recently, I wrote a story on how to navigate Avito, a Russian classified ads website, and what do you know – soon afterwards, I was able to finally sell a pair of jeans that I had put up for sale there a couple of months ago! I also bought a little something on Avito that for me is the purchase of the month: a vintage decorative plate by the Finnish ceramics brand Arabia from 1980. It didn’t cost much, but is of great condition and quality, plus it looks so good on our blue wall.

Photo by Kseniia Miroshkina for ITMO.NEWS

Photo by Kseniia Miroshkina for ITMO.NEWS


My favorite recent online purchase is... a hair dryer! However weird or boring it may sound, I use it nearly every day and every time it lifts my mood considerably with its fancy design and rocket-like efficiency. And it's not even a Dyson! Though it does follow in the footsteps of the greats, without being a full-on dupe. It’s funny how such a small adjustment to your routine can change your day, making you feel you’ve been to a beauty salon every time you wash your hair. I can’t recommend it enough, if you are ready to splurge a little – it’s definitely worth it. 


Once I decided to make my room a dream room, i.e., matching the aesthetic of my Pinterest boards, I realized that having a nice carpet is half the battle. My requirements were quite specific, so at some point I was afraid I could never find one – not too big, not too small, not too Soviet yet with some ornament, budget-friendly yet of natural materials. Turned out that Eco Lares, a showroom of Turkish textile, has exactly what I needed. The shop was never on my way, but to my luck, they also sell their goods on Ozon and, for some reason, at a lower price. Of course, my space is still a work in progress, but it already feels much cozier with this item.

Credit: Alex Shu on Unsplash

Credit: Alex Shu on Unsplash


Not long ago, I decided to finally get a handle on my sleep schedule (inspired by one of our guides on the subject – check it out!). As someone who always starts a new hobby by getting my hands on some relevant equipment, the first thing I thought I’d need was a sleep mask.

Now, I’d used a few of those in my life – the kind you get in a plane travel kit or at a hotel – but it always felt like they were just to get you “into the character” of a sleeper rather than actually help you drift off. Well, not this one! This thing is like the Rolls-Royce of sleep masks: it’s got flaps to block out any light around the eyes, “eye pits” to give you some breathing space, and even the texture is silky smooth. And most importantly, it only cost me somewhere around the cost of a couple coffees!