Key changes to the 2020 admission process 

In 2020, the application process is held exclusively online via the 2020 ITMO Admissions website. There, an applicant can fill an application form, sign it, and submit it to the Admission Office. There is no need to mail your documents or bring them to the university. Original copies are to be provided within the year after a student is admitted.

This year, admissions to Russian universities will begin no later than on June 20. At ITMO University, you can apply starting on February 1. For now, it can be assumed that the admission will be over during the summer and studies will begin on September 1.

Schools and programs to choose from

Much like in the past several years, applicants have to choose one of the university’s key educational units. Among them:

  • School of Computer Technologies and Control

  • School of Translational Information Technologies    

  • School of Photonics

  • School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems

  • Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations

  • Institute of International Development and Partnership

What’s more, they also have to choose an educational program. This year, ITMO offers 25 different Bachelor’s programs, 79 Master’s programs (including a number of programs in English), and 46 PhD programs.

Tuition-free positions in 2020

  • Bachelor’s programs: 1,108 positions

  • Master’s programs: 2,677 positions

  • PhD programs: 266 positions

This year, the university accepts students on full-time positions only. The university also offers fee-based education. You can find the relevant information on fees in the corresponding section of the 2020 admissions website (in Russian).

How to apply

ITMO University began to accept applications from potential Bachelor’s and Master’s students in February, 2020. Since then, applicants can create a personal profile on the ITMO Admissions 2020 website, upload all required documents and participate in the admission process (more information on this process can be found here).

Got questions?

You can get answers both online and offline. Even though the application process will take place solely online, there will be staff at the university ready to help applicants with admission and provide more information on programs and schools. 

University employees will also help anyone who doesn't have an opportunity to submit their application from home. A computer class with necessary equipment will be arranged.

Moreover, a hotline will be set up at +7(812)4571858 where operators can tell you about the admission process. Each of ITMO University’s schools will set up a dedicated online chatroom. Be sure to also visit ITMO University’s English-language communities on Facebook and VK.

Bachelor’s programs. Visit this VK page to stay up to date on various online open-day events for prospective Bachelor's students. From April 28 to May 10, university employees will showcase 25 Bachelor’s programs and arrange a series of open days.

Master’s programs. All information considering Master’s programs, as well as the schedule of online open days is being published on this VK page.

PhD programs. All questions related to PhD studies at ITMO University can be sent via email to In order to follow the schedule of open days and receive all relevant information on admission, follow this VK page.

Online exams

Applicants who have a right to enter by passing an entrance exam hosted by the university (graduates of secondary professional education institutions, orphans, people of I and II degree of disability, graduates of international schools, as well as citizens of other countries) will do so remotely via the ITMOproctor system, which provides proctoring and observation during the entrance exam.

Master’s studies applicants will also take entrance exams remotely via Zoom.

Target admission

This year’s changes don’t have much to do with target admission. On average, each School has 10% of tuition-free positions reserved for target admission. This year, the plan is to reserve some of the positions for specific facilities or even branches of industry. An order considering this topic has not been published yet, with all the universities still expecting further instructions. The minimal recommended USE score for target admission is 250 points.

Bachelor’s admissions

Same as last year, when applying to ITMO, you should mind that you have to choose your program right from the start. The list and detailed description of programs are available here, as well as the information on admission and average scores for the past years and the minimal USE scores for admission in 2020.

Admission to Bachelor’s and Specialist’s degree programs is arranged within subject areas, not for particular programs. This means that in order to be admitted, one must be among the best applicants not only among those who apply for the desired program, but also among those within a given subject area.

Applicants can improve their chances by receiving additional USE points through participation in competitions, successful participation in some of ITMO University’s projects and other achievements.

Admissions for competition winners

As in all previous years, prospective Bachelor’s and Master’s students may increase their chances by participating in a number of entrance competitions or applying for scholarships. You can find a full list on ITMO University’s international admissions website.


In 2020, ITMO University once again arranges ITMO.STARS, a contest that offers talented and motivated students a chance to join the university regardless of their Unified State Exam score (the only condition is meeting the minimum score requirements). You can read more about the contest’s procedure and deadlines on the contest’s website (in Russian), and read about last year's winners here and here.

ITMO.STARS 2019 winners
ITMO.STARS 2019 winners

Master’s admissions

ITMO offers several types of Master’s programs. Among them are industrial and entrepreneurial, scientific and corporate. In recent years, the university’s Master’s programs have become geared towards the students’ individual demands: now, they have the opportunity to choose a program and design their own educational tracks. What is more, they get even more opportunities for doing research and participating in practice-oriented activities from the very beginning of their studies. 

In order to apply, one needs to create a personal page on the ITMO Admissions 2020 website, select Master’s programs and a form for the entrance exam.

Unlike Bachelor’s programs, the competition takes place within programs, not subject areas. By choosing several programs, even ones within a shared subject area, you'll be competing for a spot in each.

Master’s studies entrance exams will be arranged remotely via Zoom. The exam itself won’t be much different from the ones we’re all used to: the applicant will answer two questions (there’s a list of questions in each program’s description). Students will have 90 minutes to prepare their answer.

However, many ITMO University programs are available without an entrance exam. For example, through participation in the Portfolio Contest (available until July 8), or other competitions listed here.

Winners and runners-up of the “I am a Professional” competition (as part of “It’s Your Call!” winter school), winners of the Congress of Young Scientists, and those who apply using ГИА (Final State Attestation) scores don’t have to take entrance exams.

This year, applicants don’t have to submit the original copy of their diploma to the university. It’s enough to sign a form agreeing to be admitted to the program and confirming that you haven’t signed a similar form at any other universities. The original documents will need to be submitted during the first year of studies.

PhD admissions

The applicants have to take exams in a specific subject that corresponds to their chosen program, as well as an exam in a foreign language (English, French or German). There’s also an opportunity to take the exam in a specific subject in English. This year, applicants’ individual achievements in research activities become an even more important factor. More information on the way they are being considered can be found here (in Russian). General information on the application process is available in English here.

Same as last year, the applicants can participate in the entire admission process remotely.

This year, for PhD applicants there is no need to bring the original diploma to the university. It’s enough to sign a form agreeing to be admitted to the program and confirming that you haven’t signed a similar form at any other universities. The original documents will need to be submitted during the first year of studies.

International admissions

Citizens of other countries can also apply for tuition-free positions given that they prove their compatriot status. Citizens of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan don’t have to prove this status.

The list of required documents for international applicants doesn’t differ from the one required from Russian citizens. Still, there’s an important condition: if the documents are in a foreign language, you have to provide a notarized translation.

International applicants may take the Unified State Exam or ITMO University’s own entrance exams (to be arranged remotely via the ITMOproctor system that performs proctoring and observation during entrance exams). You can read more about the application process for citizens of other countries on ITMO University’s international admissions website.