Planet of Light Exposition 

A true winter wonderland has opened at Moskovsky Victory Park: animals and fairy tale characters shining in all sorts of colors are waiting for adventurers! Experience the glow of these bright figurines reflecting on the freshly-fallen snow. No matter our age, we are all looking for some magic in our lives, especially at the end of a tiring 2020! So why not give yourself the chance to feel a part of your favorite fantasy story by taking a walk among the glowing creatures. Let it be bright! 

The ArtAntarctica project

ArtAntarctica is a project created by our beloved Manezh exhibition hall and the ARKI creative workshop to mark the 200th anniversary of the discovery of the Antarctic by Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev. The outside part of the exhibition is a giant glowing iceberg located in the middle of Truda Square. Every day and night, a different video mapping set will be projected onto every plane of the iceberg. Among others, the program will feature a historic movie on the discovery of the continent, as well as video performances created by teams from all around the world. ArtAntarctica is an attempt to bring together contemporary art and the existing historical surroundings of the city. Come by to see art created right in front of your eyes – and learn something more about one of the ice-coated poles of our planet.  

Mobile phone exhibition

Speaking about merging the past and the present, have you ever had a desire to go back to the days when there was no constant buzzing of notifications and the phones were heavy and sometimes weird-looking? Then the team at Yandex Museum has got something just for you! They have assembled an outstanding collection of old mobile phones – from those brick-like Nokias and compact-mirror-inspired flip phones to the first-ever smartphones. What’s even cooler is that all of those are available for you to go wild with: you can try typing a message on a round keyboard or play the famous Nokia snake game once more! Maybe that’s what we all need now to revisit the past and reconnect with our former selves before 2021 begins. 

The Centennial of Korean Art Photography, 1920-2020

This exhibition is a result of a collaboration between ROSFOTO and the Museum of Photography Seoul and is meant to celebrate 30 years of Russian-Korean relations. Over the three sections of the exhibition, you will trace the changes in the angles, topics, and techniques in Korean photography between 1920 and 2020. From the “pure culture” view on art to realism and modernism, you will get to experience it all, inevitably learning more about the history of the country and its outlook on art. The most contemporary pieces will definitely surprise you with their experiments in combining different forms (sculpture, video, installation, performance) to attempt to help their creators discover their true identity in this ever-changing world.