Nature Reimagined exhibition 

  • March 5 - June 21
  • Benois Wing, the Russian Museum
  • 400 rub – online, 200 rub for students – at the museum

Russian artists are famous for many things – but definitely for their breathtaking landscapes, oftentimes depicting something that’s insignificant, maybe even the very opposite of aesthetically pleasing. There is something sacred in getting to look through the eyes of someone who lived some hundred years ago in a completely different world. What were they thinking? Why did they choose this particular spot? What did they see hidden behind these clouds? 

Millenials in Contemporary Russian Art 

  • March 4 - June 14
  • Marble Palace, the Russian Museum
  • 370 rub – online, 170 rub for students – at the museum

Since you most probably are a millennial yourself, it must be especially intriguing to experience the world as seen by your contemporaries. I wonder if the first two decades of the 21st century can already be distinguished for something specific – are we living through a brand new art era and can we see our own feelings reflected in the exhibited pieces? It might just be that this collection helps you discover something about yourself that was always there but that didn’t have a name yet. Enjoy the abundance of colors and painting techniques, and let there be a revelation hidden at the Marble Palace just for you. 

The Shining – screened in 4K 

Maybe you don’t like spring – or like to welcome it with some good old full-on Halloween chills? Just for you, the time-honored Avrora cinema is screening The Shining, a movie that doesn’t really require much to be said about it. Now coming to you in 4K to make absolutely sure you don’t miss a single ghastly detail of the legendary tale. Go alone if you dare, but I sincerely recommend you take your friends with you to make sure you have a great evening. 

Marquess Cazati’s Saloon (formerly Vintage intelligent flea market)

This is the place to buy one-of-a-kind pieces and accessories – while being a responsible consumer who takes care of the planet by dressing second-hand. Feel like a true local by discovering a space not usually known by many, experience a welcoming vintage atmosphere, and get inspired by the patchwork of outfits you see. And who knows, maybe there is a story there, waiting to happen to you as you walk down the aisles?