Garage sale at Sevkabel Port

The regular vintage sales held in creative spaces all around the city are true life-savers for those of us who want to be responsible consumers but still can’t find that one trusty second-hand (or vintage, if we’re being fancy) store to rule them all. Not like the usual local designer markets, this garage sale is a place where you can swap clothes for charity, find some unique pieces of clothing and furniture – and do it all while swinging to some engaging beats. A little tip: as Sevkabel Port is so close to the water, I’d opt for Sunday, as the wind then is said to be only 9 m/s compared to Saturday’s 15 m/s. 

To the Music of Vivaldi concert

Another St. Pete’s specialty is classical concerts in centuries-old churches. This one, for instance, was built in 1876 and is an exemplar of late Gothic Revival with intricate decorative elements around its tower. Undoubtedly, this atmosphere is bound to make you listen to Vivaldi like you’ve never done before. To make this an even more engaging experience, you can refresh your knowledge of his biography and appreciate how music written in the early 18th century is still relevant today.

Shelter. Welcome to the Paradise exhibition

  • April 4 - May 23, Sat-Sun 12 pm - 8 pm 
  • Street Art Museum
  • Not announced (usually, 300-400 rubles), stay tuned here

If you have ever found yourself trying with all your might to find a quiet and safe space among the ever-flowing ocean of information, then this exhibition will definitely hit the spot. You will see the works of 12 contemporary artists, who have offered their visions of shelter for this unique collection. From ziggurats to a gamified reality – you will go through this quest to hopefully find something to help you preserve your inner peace among this informational turbulence. 

Ideas for cinephiles

This weekend, the three central cinemas of St. Petersburg will treat us to: 

screenings of the London International Animation Festival – with films from all over the world tackling the deep topic of human inner world (Rodina cinema, Sat 4:30 pm, Sun 2:55 pm, tickets here); 

a recording of an onstage performance of Cyrano de Bergerac starring James McAvoy brought to St. Pete by the saintly TheatreHD (Avrora cinema, Sun 5:40, tickets here); 

a screening of the somewhat legendary 2013 drama Kill Your Darlings with a to-die-for cast and a nerve-wracking story (Angleterre Cinema Lounge, Sun 6 pm, tickets here).