Star concerts at St. Petersburg Philharmonia

All music buffs assemble! This weekend, Nikolay Lugansky, an esteemed Russian pianist, will perform alongside the Ural Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Dmitry Liss. You will get to hear them bring to life Chopin’s Piano Concerto No. 2 and Prokofiev’s Symphony No. 2 at 8 pm on Saturday in the Grand Hall of the Philharmonia (tickets here). 

If you are into something more romantic this mid-November weekend, there is also a concert with three pieces by Johannes Brahms, performed by St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra with two of the city’s academic choirs. The concert is scheduled for 8 pm on Sunday and you can get your ticket here

Finally, a dream come true for opera lovers: enjoy all of your favorite arias in one evening with performances by some of the country’s best musicians and singers. Mark your calendar for 7 pm on Sunday (you can find the full program and the tickets here).

Exhibition: Inner Man by Soslan Sosiev

Soslan Sosiev is a young Vladikavkaz-born and St. Petersburg-based Russian artist who works with different techniques and materials. At this exhibition, you will have the chance to explore three series in which he dives into various emotions in his acrylic, oil, and airbrush creations. The abundance of colors and forms characteristic of his works can be quite appealing and magnetizing, allowing you to take a step out of the cold and gray reality into the worlds created by the artist. 

Popcorn Market

You might have noticed that Sevkabel Port does love to host various kinds of markets, to the point that you are likely to find one there on any random weekend. This time, the honor goes to Popcorn Market, where you will find, as promised by the organizers, the trendiest pieces by some of the most beloved Russian brands. As per usual, there will also be food carts, energizing DJ sets, and even Sevkabel’s own ice rink will launch for the occasion (the cost is 420-540 rubles)!

Movie weekend: Emily

Here’s something both cinema lovers and avid readers would enjoy: a biopic about one of the Bronte sisters, starring Emma Mackey! Some of us have been awaiting this particular release for some time and it’s a joy to see it on the screens in the original language. You can follow the story of Emily Bronte’s genius in Frances O'Connor’s directorial debut at 6:50 pm on Saturday and at 6:40 on Sunday.