Electric harp concert at the Tauride Garden Greenhouse

The weather in St. Petersburg is playing its usual moody games, first treating us to magical winter landscapes and then taking them all away within the scope of two days, leaving us with muddy roads and splitting headaches. Luckily, it is always summer in the greenhouse, which is a true salvation for everyone missing the sunlit summer days. This week, you will get the chance to revisit summer to the relaxing sounds of the electric harp. Performer Olga Maximova will treat the audience to her own compositions interwoven with her personal stories and contemplations. A light and easy-going Saturday evening is guaranteed! 

Organ concerts at the Planetarium 

As the organizers of the event say, organ music is very often referred to as something “cosmic” – and in this series of concerts it truly is so, because the music is accompanied by a starry sky projected on the planetarium’s dome. This weekend, you will have the chance to travel to Saturn and the Sun itself in two shows devoted to these cosmic bodies. On Saturday, join a trip to Saturn with Debussy, Satie, Bach, and other prominent composers. And on Sun-day, voyage to the Sun with Bach and the legendary English composer Henry Purcell. These will be the nights to remember. 

Insert Your Title Here exhibition 

  • December 23, 2020 - November 21, 2021, Wed 12 pm - 9 pm, Thu-Sun 12 pm - 6 pm, Mon-Tue are days off
  • Mikhail Anikushin Studio (a branch of the State Museum of Urban Sculpture)
  • Under 150 rubles 

At this interactive exhibition of sculptures by St. Petersburg-based artists, you will have the chance to turn into a curator – create a concept uniting these seemingly disparate works, play with lighting, and see how little details can affect our perception of the exhibits. Which theme will you pick for the presented art pieces? What will your own exhibition look like? Find out at the Studio by stepping into the museum’s inner world. You will also have the chance to ask your questions to the Studio’s experts with answers published on the official VK page

Andrei Tarkovsky retrospective

We are including this as a tentative recommendation, because the films are screened in Russian without any subtitles, but it seems almost a crime not to promote a Tarkovsky screening when there is one. This legendary Russian director seems to be gaining new popularity now as a new generation of cinema-goers is discovering the best of film-making and it’s a great chance to finally introduce yourself to his works if you haven’t done it yet. This Saturday, there is Andrei Rublev (3 pm, tickets here), a 1969 biographical period drama about a Russian icon painter whose name is linked to many legends and secrets. This film was censored in the Soviet Union due to the topics of artistic freedom, religion, and political ambiguity that it explored, but received great appraisal internationally. If you don’t want to begin your acquaintance with Tarkovsky with a period piece, check out the programme to see what other films will be screened in the coming days.