Sombre Pictures by Vladimir Shinkaryov

A freshly-opened exhibition at Erarta Museum takes a new look at our beloved city. Melancholic landscapes, deserted outskirts, and frozen stillness – the paintings of Vladimir Shinkaryov, a prominent Russian artist, are not meant to bring you doom and gloom. Through the artist’s lens, you get to see St. Petersburg as its authentic self: the city of many shades and colors, the city of Fyodor Dostoevsky, the city of leafy suburbs… Going from one painting to another, you will take in the city’s spirit, as if the time froze and you got to take a quiet walk along its streets and suburbs on a late snowy evening.

The Ethereal Aether. An Exhibition of Digital Art

  • November 10 - December 10
  • Online
  • Free
  • QR code: not required

The high-tech future is here, and you’re just a click away from exhibitions running in every corner of the world. This weekend, you can witness the first-ever online-only virtual exposition by the State Hermitage Museum that offers an ingenious opportunity to truly experience art and the latest NFT technologies. While the first part of the exhibition, which is a website bursting with information about various artworks and their authors, will help you delve even deeper into contemporary art, the second – will lead you to a brand new world. Inside a virtual gallery, visitors can stroll along the halls to their heart’s content while studying exhibits and interacting with each other. Nothing but an utterly immersive experience and, don’t forget, right from the comfort of your room!

Handmade Festival

Before the city falls into the holiday hustle and bustle, all eyes are turned to the pre-festive festivals and fairs. Opening on November 27, St. Petersburg Fair will once again delight citizens with good bargains on locally crafted goods: from handmade jewelry and clothing straight to decorative ceramics and eco-friendly and homemade foods. Not to mention insightful lectures and workshops, live music, and a great mood.

Light Exposition

  • November 17 - December 17, Mon-Fri 6:30-9 pm, Sat-Sun 6:30-10 pm
  • Gagarin Park
  • 400 rubles
  • QR code: not required

When longing for some sunbeams, turn to the Light Exposition in Gagarin Park to bring some color to your day. Illuminated leopards, flowers, and even snowmen and Ded Moroz will not only put a smile on your face but also let you feel the magic of the coming holiday. Whatever your age, it’s a great way to make your evening one to remember.