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  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: December 7-8, 2019

    Free entry to the Hermitage, Italian cinema, a photo exhibition of 19th-century St. Petersburg and a holiday fair: a culture-heavy and diverse weekend awaits!


  • ITMO Teams Win First and Third Prizes at AR-CRAFT Augmented Reality Tech Competition

    The State Hermitage Museum’s General Staff Building was site to the final event of the AR-CRAFT competition for the developers of augmented reality software. The competition was organized by ITMO University, Epson, Ascreen, and the State Hermitage Museum. Participants were tasked with developing augmented reality applications that would enhance the experience of visiting Russia’s largest museum. ITMO.NEWS attended the awards ceremony to learn about the winners’ projects.


  • Returning to the Path of Human: St. Petersburg to Host Lighting Design International Conference

    “No matter how much we talk about the progress and the synthesis of technologies, no magic will happen until there is one irreplaceable component – a human being,” says Denis Astakhov, CEO of Avocado Toast, of the main idea behind the international scientific-practical conference “Lighting Design” in 2019. We stand on the brink of the Russian lighting industry development, where previous approaches lose their relevance. While some companies anticipate changes, and others try to solve short-term problems, there are those who look to the future and consider the possibility of creating a comfortable lighting environment in the context of digitalization. Organized by ITMO University together with the State Hermitage Museum and the ARCHCLUB social and professional project, the “Lighting Design” conference will be dedicated to this particular topic, as well as the role of humans in the lighting industry development.


  • Historian Sergey Kuznetsov on the Stroganovs, Their Connection to ITMO, and History of Entrepreneurship in Russia

    Recently, an exhibition called “A Forgotten Russian Patron. The Collection of Count Pavel Sergeevich Stroganov” has opened at the State Hermitage Museum. It features paintings, sculptures, photographs and other exhibits collected by the scion of the dynasty. One of the most influential aristocratic families in Russia, the Stroganovs were veritable pioneers and innovators in the field of technologies and education. One of ITMO University’s campuses (that on Tchaikovsky St.) is based on the dynasty’s former ancestral home. ITMO.NEWS sat down with Sergey Kuznetsov, a historian and staff member at the Russian Museum and leading researcher of the Stroganov family, to talk about the exhibition and the university’s participation in the preservation of the dynasty’s vast collections.


  • Useful (and Not) Apps for Exploring St. Petersburg

    Getting around? Diving into history? Experiencing it like a local? Here're some apps to download for your trip to Russia. 


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: January 19-20

    This weekend is packed with all sorts of art exhibitions to fit any taste, so pick the one you like most or mix it all up!


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: January 12-13

    Get lost in a surrealistic dream at the Lumiere Hall creative space, learn about the way people used to celebrate New Year in the Soviet Union, listen to jazz music at one of the most peculiar cathedrals in the city and catch the latest fashion exhibition: here is what’s on our list to do in St. Pete this weekend!


  • St. Petersburg’s Architectural Gems: Classicism

    The end of the 18th century saw the decline of Baroque architecture and the rise of a new style, Classicism. The brightly colored, wedding-cake buildings of the olden style were replaced by sophisticated designs inspired by the elegance and poise of the Classical Antiquity. St. Petersburg, too, was engulfed in this Europe-wide architectural vogue, which resulted in a wealth of architectural masterpieces.


  • State Hermitage Photographer Yuri Molodkovets on Running an Instagram for World-Famous Museum

    Russian photographer Yuri Molodkovets, who runs the official Instagram of the State Hermitage Museum, gave an open lecture for ITMO University’s Science Communication Center. He spoke about his duties as a museum photographer, the unknown challenges of his work, and his experience of running an Instagram for one of the world’s largest museums. ITMO.NEWS provides a short summary of his lecture.


  • ITMO University Launches Russia's First Art&Science Program in English

    Starting with the next academic year, ITMO University launches Russia's first Art&Science program in English which will combine the resources of the university's laboratories and competencies of leading Russian and international art specialists. The program will be conducted in English, with  involvement  of guest lecturers. Its graduates will have the opportunity to apply their new skills in such fields as contemporary art, art entrepreneurship, development of high-tech art projects, museum and exhibition management, and different other fields that only start to emerge on the market. The program will be supervised by Dimitri Ozerkov, a Russian art expert and head of the Department of Contemporary Art at the State Hermitage Museum. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, he expanded on the program's content and features.