The organ and the flute – a concert in a church

If you’ve been craving some gothic themes in your life lately, this event was made for you – held in a Gothic Revival cathedral and focusing on the classic pieces for the organ and the flute. Enjoy this unusual combination of instruments and who knows, you might discover some new undertones that you haven’t heard before in the pattern of sounds that they create. 

Thawing Feelings festival

Credit: Sora Sagano (@sorasagano) on Unsplash

Credit: Sora Sagano (@sorasagano) on Unsplash

This weekend just happens to be the last one of this long and cold winter that we’ve had! To welcome the spring, step into St. Petersburg’s Botanical Garden and marvel at the beautiful flowers already abloom there. Lilacs, azaleas, subtropical plants, and much more – these sights will surely excite any artist or avid gardener and are a nice diversion from February’s steel-grey sky. 

Exhibition of Contemporary British photography

Credit: Brigitta Schneiter (@brisch27) on Unsplash

Credit: Brigitta Schneiter (@brisch27) on Unsplash

  • until March 20
  • 150 rubles (100 for students) – purchase here or onsite 
  • QR code: required

The second event of the ongoing Contemporary British Photography Festival, this exhibition will introduce you to the diversity of photographic art of the British Isles. Spot allusions to the works of Bosch, unravel the standout features of life in the city and the countryside, and experience an immersive installation that will transport you into a desolate future. Beware, mate, you might just find yourself falling in love with ye good olde Englande. 

On the big screen: LIAF, The Godfather, and The Wall 

  • February 26-27
  • Rodina cinema
  • 150-500 rubles 
  • QR code: required



It’s not personal, it’s business – it’s the 50th anniversary of The Godfather (1972)! If you want to revisit this classic one more time with feeling, head right over to Rodina at 5:35 pm on Saturday, February 26 or at 3:35 pm on Sunday, February 27 (tickets here). 

Another legend on screen this weekend is Pink Floyd. The Wall (1982), a must-see for any true fan of rock’n’roll or music in general, for that matter. To join this highly exclusive club, you can watch the film at 7 pm on February 26 and 27 (tickets here). 

Finally, if you are into contemporary short animation films, this weekend you will have the chance to attend a screening of the London International Animation Festival’s selection of shorts from all over the world. You can pick Saturday, February 26: 10 am or 9:20 pm, or Sunday, February 27: 1:50 pm or 7:20 pm. 

All films are screened in their original languages with Russian subtitles.

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