Thursday, April 25

Film Music Marathon 

It seems like you can never go wrong with a film soundtrack concert – the only con is that you will most likely end up with a craving for a movie marathon. But the coming long weekend has got you covered with enough time to rewatch at least some of your favorites, so there is virtually no reason to deny yourself the pleasure of revisiting Harry Potter, The Pirates of the Caribbean, Mission Impossible, the Bond series, and more this Thursday. Find your fellow fans at St. Petersburg Philharmonia.

Friday, April 26

From Gothic to Goya. Spanish Paintings from the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

From the late 15th to the early 19th century, the display of artwork from the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and the Hermitage is a journey through Spanish art. Apparently, the artists of the region had a distinctive style, turning to observations of the world around them instead of focusing on mythology. Explore the transformation of this national school through the ages at this ongoing exhibition.

Saturday, April 27

Currentzis: Bluebeard's Castle & De Temporum Fine Comoedia

Though not for the faint of heart by any description, this is definitely a must-see performance for those tempted to explore the full power of music and theater. On the event’s page, you can find a detailed description of what to expect, but the gist is: it’s the juxtaposition of two seemingly different operas (Bluebeard's Castle & De Temporum Fine Comoedia), presenting opposed depictions of drama and boiling emotions. A great way to let go of all your grievances during an end-of-the-week catharsis!

Sunday, April 28

Kafka. Missing in action

The director and artist Roman Muromtsev offers you a chance to revisit the novels of the king of the absurd, Franz Kafka. Step into the surreal world of this famous writer – which isn’t always pleasant, but always engaging and provocative – and deepen your understanding of his works at this unusual exhibition.

Monday, April 29

St. Petersburg Fair

A traditional St. Pete event, but in a rather atypical location: this time, it’s not Sevkabel Port, but Freedom Space – located in a historic building with correspondingly intricate interiors. Apart from this novelty, you can expect all the beloved staples: an abundance of handmade creations by local craftspeople, workshops, delicacies, and a fun DJ set. In short, all you need for a fun day off.

Tuesday, April 30 

The best of jazz

Speaking of fun, how about an evening full of flamboyant, sparkly jazz? April 30 is International Jazz Day – and what better way to celebrate it than at a concert with your fellow music lovers! Get your ticket and hop right on, the night is still young. 

Wednesday, May 1

Timeless Classics. Traditions and Experiments in Landscape Photography

  • Until June 30, 11 am - 9 pm daily
  • 300 rubles (200 rubles for students) 

Finish off your extended weekend with a stunningly serene display of landscape photography featuring works by international artists. From the smallest details to the grand panoramas, nature is awe-inspiring – and the exhibited photographs demonstrate just how many of its facets we can appreciate.