Thursday, April 11

Movie night: Civil War

If you enjoyed The Last of Us (the games or the recent series), you’ll probably get a kick out of this dystopian tale, too: it tells the story of a team of journalists travelling across a United States torn by the Second Civil War. Find out what happens in this thrilling plot created by Alex Garland, the writer and director of Ex Machina (2014), on Thursday.

Friday, April 12

Le Corsaire on screen

Yet another chance to see a world-famous ballet at a reasonable price: watch the whimsical Le Corsaire, starring winners of a prestigious ballet show and invited dancers. This rendition, performed on stage of Tatar State Opera & Ballet Theatre, is sure to lure you into the magical world of ballet.

Saturday, April 13


Gemstones, minerals, meteorites, and fossils – these will be the stars of the show at Mineralfest. Join in for engaging lectures about geology and fossils by academicians, creative workshops for all tastes, a real-life geologist’s workplace, and a market full of beautiful creations by local craftsmen. 

Sunday, April 14

Cosmonautics Day Celebrations at Peter and Paul Fortress

April 12 is Cosmonautics Day in Russia, which this year is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of Yuri Gagarin, the world’s first cosmonaut. Visitors will get to tour the Cosmonautics Museum for free, watch model rocket launches, and attend several topical exhibitions. The event is a must-visit for all space enthusiasts – so make sure to mark your calendar for this one.

Monday, April 15

Surprise Container 

  • Until May 12, Tue - Sun: 12 pm - 8 pm
  • Anna Nova Gallery
  • Weekdays: 200 rubles (100 rubles for students); weekends: 350 rubles (200 rubles for students)

As rightfully stated in its title, Anna Andrzhievskaya’s exhibition is full of surprises, as seen in the abundance of genres and art forms on display. Imagine stepping into a lab where scientists have just unveiled a time capsule from 2022. There, they find some unidentified objects that all point to a catastrophe that happened in a parallel reality. Solve this mystery at Anna Nova Gallery and make sure to explore the artist’s other work, exhibited on the third floor.

Tuesday, April 16

Movie Night: Dance First

In this biopic, you get to meet Samuel Beckett (Gabriel Byrne), a laureate of the Nobel Prize in Literature and a modernist writer, who loved the most daring experiments, black comedy, and nonsense. Learn the story behind his genius at Lenfilm Cinema.

Wednesday, April 17

Organ Fireworks

Not just a concert, but an entire multimedia performance awaits you at St. Petersburg Philharmonia on Wednesday when the organ pieces by Bach, Mozart, and Liszt, among others, will be accompanied by projections of the interiors of world-renowned European cathedrals. All pieces, including one of his own composition, will be performed by the accomplished Italian organist Eugenio Maria Fagiani.