Thursday, March 7

Oscars 2024: Past Lives

It’s an Oscar-nominated movie from A24, so we already know we can expect great things. But it’s also a love story, where two people reconnect with each other after years of being apart, having built their lives. What will they choose in the end? You get to find out this Thursday.

Friday, March 8

Intelligent Flea Market

For this long weekend, the regular Intelligent Flea Market is born anew, with the theme of an elf forest, magic, and fairy tales. With the usual DJ set and food stalls, you will also be transported into a beautiful world with original creations from local craftsmen. Unique jewelry and accessories, home decor, and clothes all will be on display to turn you into a fairytale creature by the time you leave the market. 

Saturday, March 9

Only Lovers Left Alive

A movie screened quite regularly at St. Pete’s movie theaters, it’s a Jim Jarmusch vampire love story, as well as a take on modern society. Beautifully shot and masterfully written, it will definitely be a good choice for a Saturday night.

Sunday, March 10

Popular classics: Tchaikovsky & Beethoven 

A great opportunity to step into the world of classical music at an affordable price, this concert brings together Tchaikovsky and Beethoven, two of the greatest masters of symphony. The violin solo will be performed by the young Ravil Islyamov, a recent laureate of the prestigious international Tchaikovsky Competition.

Monday, March 11

2024 Erarta Prize

  • 11 am - 11 pm daily except Tuesdays
  • Erarta Museum
  • 800-1,000 (includes an annual pass)

Unlike any other contemporary art exhibition, this one lets you talk back to the artist, in a way, by allowing you to vote for their work – and raise their chances of winning the prize. Discover the local art scene and voice your opinion at Erarta.

Tuesday, March 12

Exhibition: Room

If Van Gogh’s The Bedroom is one of your favorite paintings or if you enjoy romanticizing the mundane, this exhibition will be right up your alley. In the works of Russian artists Roman Usachev and Alexandra Levitina, you will see domestic scenes presenting not a cohesive story but rather a meta narrative of the day-to-day.

Wednesday, March 13

Organ Evening: Mystic. Passion. Triumph

Organ music might not be for everyone, but at this concert it will have every chance of winning your heart: not only will it feature the works of major organ composers, including Bach, Liszt, and Wagner, but these works will also be performed by internationally acclaimed organist Denny Wilke. What if this evening makes you fall in love with the organ once and for all?