ITMO Main Building - Kronverksky, 49

  • Bollywood Nights: during lunchtime (12PM - 4 PM) this authentic Indian restaurant (run by a Delhi-born ITMO graduate!) offers several rich spreads featuring 5-7 dishes, as well as a drink of choice and Naan bread, all for 350 rubles (400 with a pint of beer). 
    Average bill: 350-600 rubles. Bolshaya Pushkarskaya ul., 15.
  • Pelmeniya: dumplings from all over the world! Russian pelmeni, Japanese gyoza, Italian ravioli, Chinese dim-sum and even Uzbekistani hanum, as well as others, are served with a variety of fillings to satisfy even the most sophisticated dumpling lover. 
    Average bill: 250-400 rubles. Kronverksky pr., 55.
  • Pita’s: the fifth location of this trendy wrap-and-roll chain that took St. Petersburg’s culinary world by storm is slated to open on October 20 next door to ITMO’s main building. Various wraps, shawarmas and rolls are served, including some very unusual ones - like the cranberry-sauce-and-mint shawarma! Combo meals are served from 10AM to 5PM. 
    Average bill: 200-350 rubles. Kronverksky pr., 23.
  • RoseMary: more upper-end than others, RoseMary offers lunch options at 380-420 rubles - on the other hand, guests get to try freshly caught fish and seafood from the Barentz sea, delivered straight from Murmansk. 
    Average bill: 600-1000 rubles. Sytninskaya ul., 14.

ITMO on Lomonosova 9

  • Falafel King: one of the city's oldest falafel joints, the small café serves a variety of Middle Eastern food. Among the highlights are: several types of falafel and hummus/bean dip, as well as freshly-made desserts - including several kinds of baklava. 
    Average bill: 150-250 rubles. Zagorodnyi pr., 22.
  • Azbuka Vkusa: the high-end grocery chain has a selection of ready-made, packed breakfasts and lunches for a variety of diets - including vegetarian, vegan and fitness foods. 
    Average bill: 100-300 rubles. Zagorodnyi pr., 18.
  • BGL: this acclaimed bagel joint is just a 10-minute walk away from the building - you can even phone them in advance so that your order is ready by the time you're there. However, the restaurant also offers a delivery service that delivers straight to the university’s doors. 
    Average bill: 200-300 rubles. Fontanka emb., 96.
  • Joly Woo: slated to open this October, this Vietnamese restaurant offers such South-East Asian staples as Pho soup, fried or fresh spring rolls and others. 
    Average bill: 250-400 rubles. Zagorodnyi pr., 9.
  • Go Gyros: quite an origin – this Greek bistro was opened by a team of friends who quit their office jobs to try their hand at running a food business. The menu includes gyros wraps, Greek salad, tzatziki sauce and colorful homemade smoothies and lemonades. Various lunch options are available from 12PM to 5PM. 
    Average bill: 150-300 rubles. Pravdy ul., 12

ITMO on Grivtsova 14-16

  • Jiva Burgers: the second location of this fledgling chain of vegetarian/vegan burger joints inspired by Hindu philosophy. Dozens of combinations of varied unleavened buns, vegetable patties, cheeses and soy meats, not to mention the huge portions, make each visit unique - the restaurant has earned praise even from die-hard meat-lovers. 
    Average bill: 250-350 rubles. Griboyedov emb., 49.
  • Moo Moo: this extravagant, in-your-face burger joint offers various combo and breakfast meals and some very unorthodox options: like, for instance, the “Nutty Swiss” burger with peanut butter and cheese. 
    Average bill: 250-600 rubles. Sadovaya ul., 42.

ITMO on Birzhevaya 14-16

  • Nakatika: in addition to the usual sushi options, this authentic Japanese izakaya pub serves a number of less-common traditional foods such as nabe hot-pots, okonomiyaki pancakes and takoyaki snacks. 
    Average bill: 200-500 rubles. Tuchkov per., 11.
  • Edda Craft Café: a small Nordic-themed gastropub that offers a wide selection of craft beers, ales and ciders, as well as a range of sophisticated burgers and other foods. The cafe is located in the KORPUS-2 creative space, right next to a number of other cafes, stores, parlors, educational projects and others. 
    Average bill: 300-500 rubles. Birzhevoy per., 4.
  • Bab Jib: this chain of Korean restaurants hasn’t been around for long, but has already gained quite a following. Among the highlights are traditional Korean bibimbap and bulgogi dishes, as well as a number of complex meals that include several dishes and appetizers. There is also a small market stand offering various Korean snacks and cooking ingredients. 
    Average bill: 250-500 rubles. 6th liniya V.O., 23.
  • Dans le Noir?: an unusual dining experience well worth the cost - at Dans le Noir?, food is served in pitch black darkness. Guided by visually impaired waiters, you are served several courses of French-inspired dishes. Guests are offered a choice of a meat-based, seafood&fish, vegetarian or a “chef’s surprise” menu. 
    Average bill: 1800-2200. Birzhevoy per., 2-4.

Don’t forget to keep an open mind and try new places! St. Petersburg’s food scene is incredibly diverse and unorthodox. And be sure to also check out our list of places that provide discounts to members of ITMO’s Student Union.