Exhibition: Qatar Between Land And Sea. Through Arts And Heritage

Originally part of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum that was held this June, this exhibition is your invitation on a journey to Qatar, a country uniquely located between sea and desert (as reflected in the title). Featuring items from the collection of the National Museum of Qatar, as well as private collections, the exhibition paints a colorful picture of Qatar’s history: the craft of its artisans through the ages, the way its landscape inspired their creations, and the paths the country took when establishing its connections to the world. Since international travel is currently limited, this is a great opportunity to learn something new about this intriguing corner of our wonderful world.

Exhibition: Roerich’s Land

Yet another invitation – this time, to a mostly fictional or at least fictionalized world created by Nicholas Roerich, a 20th century Russian painter, architect, and cultural heritage protection advocate, who was and is still known for his travels, or rather pilgrimages. During his Asian expeditions, Roerich sought to find the spiritual land of Shambhala, which adds a unique touch to his exceptionally brightly colored paintings. It is almost as if despite not having found it (or at least, not announcing his discovery to the world), he instead came across a one-of-a-kind romanticized, fascinated, and loving vision of everything around him. In this exhibition, as you follow Roerich’s creations from the collections of several museums, you will gain a comprehensive insight into his work – and perhaps will leave the place in awe of what an exciting universe unfolds around you every day. 

Concert: 14 Best Mozart Pieces

Classical music enthusiasts, rejoice – this is an event for you! Get ready to experience Mozart’s creations (with all their fame and suggested cognitive benefits to boot) inside Petrikirche, the very church we keep praising in our weekend guides and elsewhere just because we can’t but admire its exceptionality. Combined with the simple complexity of Mozart's immortal music, these surroundings are a sure path to one incredible weekend experience. Make sure to purchase your ticket in advance – and enjoy the show! 

Exhibition: Vanishing points

If you are curious to see artistic dialogue unfold right in front of your eyes, keep this exhibition in mind. It’s a creative experiment of combining video art and photos of Alexander Verevkin with a major installation made by Alina Kugush. Is it possible that they will organically coexist, creating one whole narrative? Or maybe it will be a cacophony of ideas and a clash of visions? It is likely that different people will have polar answers to these questions – which is truly the beauty of art. Are you curious to discover your own take on it? These days, the MYTH Gallery gladly opens its doors free of charge for anyone wanting to enjoy a unique angle on contemporary Russian art.