Enjoying modern art for free


What’s on: Faun's Lullaby by Anna Barabanova (April 7 - June 7) and more

Open: 11-8 pm daily

Where: 13th Liniya V.O. 70

Once a musical instrument factory, Artmuza today is a state-of-the-art cultural venue that comprises ten galleries and a wide range of residencies, including a theater, artists' studios, as well as dance, music, art, and design schools. Spread across an area of 13,000 m2, the art cluster organizes monthly exhibitions, as well as poetry readings, concerts, workshops, meetups, open talks, movie screenings, and many other events.

Zifergauz Gallery

What’s on: Tony Oursler Hypnosis (and other states) (December 18 - April 30)

Open: Tue-Sun 11-9 pm

Where: New Holland Island, House 12

Housed inside one of the island’s austere-looking 19th-century buildings, Zifergauz is a freshly-opened art space that specializes in all things technology. Nearly 600 digital display screens turn the gallery into an innovative tech showroom perfect for media art exhibitions, atmospheric movie screenings, as well as creativity-boosting lectures and workshops. So far, the space has hosted two major exhibitions: Digital Twins and the still on-going Tony Oursler Hypnosis.

Marina Gisich Gallery 

What’s on: PARAZIT Group. Searching For The Trained Spectator (March 2 - May 7)

Open: Mon-Sat 11-7 pm, Sun 11:30 - 6:30 pm

Where: Fontanka Emb. 121

Marina Gisich Gallery was founded in 2000 to bring modern art in all its myriad forms to the people of St. Petersburg. From its first exhibition to nowadays, the gallery has grown to become one of the country’s leading modern art museums that actively collaborates with the largest museums and foundations across Russia. Throughout its history, the gallery displayed the works of grand masters and most influential artists of the last decade all the way up to today’s brand-new generation of creators. And till today, it never ceases to amaze the city’s art lovers with new names, new interpretations, and new experiences. 

Cheaper than a cup of good coffee


What’s on: Romance of St. Petersburg in the 1940s-1980s by Ilya Narovlyansky (April 12 - May 22)

Price: 150 rubles (100 rubles for students; free on the last Wednesday of every month)

Open: Mon, Wed, Sat-Sun 11 am - 7 pm; Tue, Thu, Fri 12-9 pm

Where: Bolshaya Morskaya St. 25

One of the first photo museums in Russia ROSPHOTO not only holds photo exhibitions but also collects photographs and conducts research activities. The museum found its home right in the heart of the city, in a fabulous early-20th-century modernist building. It exhibits the visions of both domestic and foreign photographers, which document the history and grandeur of visual art from around the globe.

MYTH Gallery

What’s on: Vague Images by various artists (March 25 - May 25) and more 

Price: 200 rubles (100 rubles for students)

Open: Tue-Sun 11 am - 7 pm

Where: Chaykovskogo St. 61

NFTs, street art, and bizarre photography – that is what you might find at MYTH Gallery, but not only. Since 2019, the gallery has been doing its best to bring the light to modern-day Russian artists who are just working their way up to becoming the next Pablo Picasso or Banksy.

This list wouldn’t be complete without ITMO's own AIR Gallery – follow them on VK to keep up on upcoming events.