Thursday, October 19

Exhibition: Drawings and Watercolours of the First Half of the 19th Century

  • Until February 12, 2024; Wed, Fri-Sun: 10 am - 6 pm; Mon: 10 am - 8 pm; Thu: 1-9 pm; Tuesdays are days off
  • St. Michael’s Castle (The Russian Museum) 
  • 550 rubles (270 rubles for students)

Breathy watercolors by some of the best 19th-century Russian artists in a variety of genres will greet you at this exhibition. You will get to marvel at the play of light and shadow and explore the prominent themes that captivated the minds over two hundred years ago. Isn’t it a perfect escape from the cold and windy October that roams St. Pete’s streets?

Friday, October 20

SNOWVISION Film Festival

Have you ever seen a movie solely about snowboarding or alpine skiing? Well, this is your chance! On the first day of the SNOWVISION film festival, the program features three movies: Left Right (2023, in Russian), Walk the Walk (2023, Norwegian/English), and Abstract (2023, English) – each about a different aspect of these snowy activities. Who knows, maybe this experience inspires you to try a new sport with ITMO’s KronBars sports club!

Saturday, October 21

Exhibition: Sergey Tolmachyov. The Perfect Moment

  • 10 am - 10 pm daily, except Tuesdays
  • Erarta Museum 
  • 600-1,000 rubles (includes an annual pass)

In photographs by Sergey Tolmachyov, water is transformed into unusual shapes – mushrooms, flowers, and human-like figures – in other words, it is anything but the way we usually see it. Behind each picture is careful planning and execution: first, the artist engineers the splashes, and then, photographs them. Explore the tokens of his craft at this unique exhibition.

Sunday, October 22

Popcorn Market

Add a touch of color to your daily life – that’s the idea behind the upcoming Popcorn Market. As usual, it brings together local brands that make everything from socks to home decor, which can be uplifting to peruse even if you aren’t buying anything. And of course, booths of local eateries won’t let you starve, while a DJ set will create the mood!

Monday, October 23

Exhibition: Marc Chagall. Under the Same Sky

  • 12 pm - 9 pm daily, except Thursday: 12 pm - 6 pm
  • Bashmakov Gallery
  • 500 rubles (350 rubles for students; tickets here)

An exploration of Marc Chagall’s biography, this exhibition presents the graphic works that he created in Russia, Israel, and France. Chagall is known for his unique modernist style and having worked with different mediums, from painting to ceramics and tapestries. A prominent theme in his works is his hometown, Vitebsk (Belarus), which can also be traced in the exhibited works. In short, this event is your opportunity to learn more about a prominent 20th century artist, as well as discover a newly opened exhibition venue in the city.

Tuesday, October 24

On the Big Screen: Confessions of a Good Samaritan

What drives us to help others? And what is the nature of altruism? In this documentary, Penny Lane explores the answers to these questions brought about by her decision to donate her kidney to a stranger. Sure, this is not your typical cinematic experience – but it’s all about a new perspective, isn’t it?

Wednesday, October 25

Concert: Beethoven & Dvořák

Here’s a concert with two bright, romantic, and uplifting piano pieces to help you deal with the fall gloom. Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 4 and Dvořák’s Symphony No. 8 (“the composer’s most romantic piece”, as stated on the Philharmonia’s website) will be performed by St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra with soloist Elizaveta Leonskaya and conductor Pavel Bubelnikov. This evening, the music is definitely bound to touch your soul.