Whether you are shopping for some last-minute presents, picking up something for home decorations, or just popping by for inspiration, visiting a holiday market is always a good idea. This year, there is a whole selection to choose from: 

Holiday-themed exhibitions

Sometimes busy late December days are hardly the time for visiting exhibitions, but we truly believe that there are some exceptions! Namely, the annual Christmas exhibition at Annenkirche, with its upside down Christmas tree on the ceiling and a rundown of holiday traditions, as well as the newly opened exhibition mysteriously called The Secret of Forgotten Fairy Tales at Sevkabel Port. Both of them feature multimedia exhibits and a magical atmosphere – a sure way to get you into the festive mood, even if your holiday spirit is thin on the ground.

Festive concerts

Music is, of course, a major part of the holiday season – sometimes, one tune is enough to set the mood for celebration or reminiscence of the best moments of the passing year. And this week, you will have the chance to hear much more than just one tune:

Music of Christmas at St. Petersburg Philharmonia

  • 8 pm / December 28 / 700-2,000 rubles (tickets here)
  • Experience the classics of Western Christmas through the ages, all the way from Bach to 20th century composer Fletcher. 

Winter concert at New Holland Island

  • 7 pm / December 29 / 700 rubles (tickets here)
  • New Holland Island’s public space Community will host a concert performed by the youth orchestra of St. Petersburg Philharmonia and featuring pieces by Grieg, Shostakovich, and Bach, among others.

Chamber music evening at St. Petersburg Philharmonia (Small Hall)

  • 7 pm / December 30 / 500-700 rubles (tickets here)
  • On New Year’s Eve, you will have the chance to visit the cozy Small Hall of St. Petersburg Philharmonia to spend an evening listening to chamber music that’s sure to create a magical atmosphere, preparing you for celebrations to happen on the next day.

Christmas concerts at Annenkirche

  • 8 pm / January 2, 3 / 1,500 rubles (tickets here)
  • At each of these Christmas-themed concerts, visitors will get to explore the history of this holiday through music, discover well-known classical pieces, and even enjoy a colorful multimedia show created specifically for the event. 

The Nutcracker – on a budget

In Russia, winter holidays and The Nutcracker, Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet, always go hand in hand. Even though watching it unfold on stage at the theater is definitely a great experience, it can definitely be quite expensive. Luckily, there are ways to see it on a budget – two cinemas in the city are doing a few screenings of the Rudolf Nureyev-choreographed rendition:

  • Avrora cinema: 3:20 pm / December 30 / 600 rubles (tickets here)
  • Rodina cinema: 3 pm, 3:30 pm, 4 pm / December 31 & 3 pm / January 3 / 600 rubles (tickets here

Another chance to experience the ballet – or rather, its music – in a new way is to attend the special Nutcracker-jazz concert to be held at St. Petersburg Philharmonia at 8 pm on December 30 (2,500-3,500 rubles, tickets here). What else would’ve made The Nutcracker even more festive, if not a jazz reimagining? 

We wish you to enjoy your holidays and celebrate the New Year in the most wholesome way!