Stickers & stationery 

My introduction to the world of small Russian creators of any kind started with опрокинутый лес, a Belgorod-based stickers and notebooks brand that used to be just one girl following her passion and now has a little team and regular exciting collaborations with fellow creators. All items are designed by the shop’s owner, who documents the process in her blog. What I love most about them, perhaps, is the atmosphere of celebration and a personalized touch you get with every order: there’s the special wrapping paper, the shiny star-shaped glitter sprinkled over everything you ordered, and even a note from the creator, if you wish to include it. After such a presentation, you can’t help but turn every time you use their products into a little ritual of self-love. And it definitely brings journaling (or note-taking) to a whole new level.

Custom-made slippers

Just like me, you might not know you want them until they appear in your home as a present from someone who truly cares about you – and the warmth of your feet (thanks, Mom!). The slippers from Dunyashina Workshop are hand-made from felt and then either embroidered or painted on according to your wishes. Mine have The Hedgehog in the Fog on them, but you can get yours with minions, your pet, or an intricate pattern. The orders are taken in Russian on the VK page, but a translator tool will definitely help you figure it out.

Cases for everything

Though this is a bigger brand compared to others on this list, every item they sell is still hand-made and personalized with a custom-made charm. Cosmoon makes makeup bags, pencil and laptop cases, and totebags from fabrics designed by the brand’s owner. I’ll be remiss if I don’t say that their products are exceptionally cute, bringing a pop of color and joy to your daily routine. Just imagine going for a coworking study session with a laptop in a strawberry case? No more boring mornings for you. Perfect for gifts, each product comes packed with a sticker set, a scrunchie, and a piece of Swiss chocolate! 

Unique jewelry 

We already did an entire article on Russian jewelry brands for anyone and everyone, but here are two hand-made additions: 

  • Julianna Lisova – a brand that’s all about natural stones in dreamy interpretations. Envisioned by Julia Manylova, the author of each piece, you will find earrings inspired by The Little Prince or Harry Potter; both statement pieces or quiet additions to your outfits. Prices vary, starting from around 1,500 rubles for simple pieces; you can also get each piece tailor-made according to your wishes.
  • Panna Irena is your friendly neighborhood good witch gift shop: the earrings, rings, and hair accessories here are not just inspired by but literally made from forest leaves and berries that are cast in copper. Needless to say, each piece is unique and will definitely bring your inner fairy to light. Apart from the VK page, you can find these pieces at Tvoya Polka shops around the city.

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