Refrigeration Industry and Food Biotechnologies School organized its' open day on Lomonosova, 9. The first thing that participants saw was an interactive zone where undergraduates presented their projects — instead of a welcome drink they presented cryogenic ice-cream, then helped newcomers make a choice using the Sorting Hat and also showed how to touch light with the assistance of Leap Motion technology.

The school administrators talked about the application process and opportunities offered by the University. ITMO students can study abroad by participating in various study programs, future researchers have an opportunity to implement their inventions in the market in cooperation with representatives of industries. To let everybody know about their achievements ITMO University scientists present their projects at Geek Picnic and VKontakte Festival.

The speakers also explained what disciplines and fields are taught at the Refrigeration Industry and Food Biotechnologies School. There are air conditioning and climate technologies, food production, ecology and many other fields.

«ITMO University has anatmosphere of friendship between students, lecturers and professors because a university is not only labs and departments, but also people and their relationships,» said professor Sergei Stafeev, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

According to Alexei Dukhanov, head of Master’s Studies Department, future researchers have the following opportunities. It is possible, for example, to study in ITMO’s partner universities in the USA, Finland or France or join international research centers and labs.

The speakers of the Open Day also announced a series of lectures by Art&Science project. The lectures will start on November 19. Every Wednesday specialists will talk about masterpieces developed by using high technologies and also research methods of preservation of pictures and monuments.

The Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations also organized an Open Day. Its' visitors came to Chaikovskogo Street 11 to meet with administrators and students.

The program of the event included an interactive quest-game «Portal in the Future,» which helped school leavers to choose what to study at university. They answered questions about economics, marketing and innovative technologies.

«We are going to help the youth join innovation processes easily. Such events make the teenagers feel better when they leave schools and enter universities,» said Marina Lebedeva, Deputy Dean of Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations.

According to Nina Yanykina, Head of the Project Management and Innovation Department, the programs and events of the School of Economics, Management and «Innovatics» assist students to learn about such sought-after disciplines as entrepreneurship, project management, financial development and others.

«The main advantage of the Faculty is that its' programs developed for managers and economists also include technical disciplines. For instance, our students can study both economics and programming. In the future these experts will be competitive and successful because nowadays it is impossible to be versed in only one field. The Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations and other ITMO’s faculties are wonderful platforms for professional development and personal growth,» concluded Nina Yanykina.