This year, the portfolio competition is launched for more than 90 Master’s programs in all of ITMO's Schools: Photonics, Translational Information Technologies, Computer Technologies and Control, Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems, and Technological Management and Innovations.

How to apply:

  1. download the application form;
  2. fill in the form, prepare your portfolio with all associated documents (copies of degrees and other certificates, publications, etc.);
  3. combine all the documents into one PDF file and upload it to your personal page.

The application deadline is May 31.

Please, note your application form acts a lot like a motivation letter, in which you have to explain why you want to study at ITMO University. After that, all you have to do is to score 100 points for the competition!

To be allowed to take part in the competition, you should have:

  1. at least one publication;
  2. an average grade of at least 4.5 in your Bachelor's program.

Winners of the “It’s Your Call!” Semi-Hackathon, “I am a Professional” Competition, and the Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project automatically get the desired 100 points.

To learn more about the portfolio competition, follow this link. We've also asked the winners of last year's competition to share their opinions of it.

Daniil Burtsev, Master’s student at the Department of Production Management and Technology Transfer

I wasn’t sure if I would get accepted or not, as there were no precise criteria. But since there was an opportunity to apply remotely, I decided to give it a try. As it turned out later, my portfolio was quite good. I had already published several articles and taken part in conferences.

Ksenia Samusevich, Master’s student at the Department of Thermophysics and Basics of Heat-Cooling Technology

Ksenia Samusevich
Ksenia Samusevich

I didn’t only have a good average grade, but also research experience. That’s why I really liked the idea of a portfolio competition. It took me about two days to prepare my portfolio. So it was already in June that I knew that I would get accepted to ITMO University without taking exams. I think that a portfolio competition is an objective method for assessing students’ knowledge. Besides, the first two questions can help you understand whether you want to study at ITMO or not.

Anton Kuznetsov, Master’s student at the Department of Financial Management and Audit

Anton Kuznetsov
Anton Kuznetsov

I was sure that I would be accepted because I had a fairly good portfolio. I think that such a portfolio is the best way to assess your knowledge and experience.

Diana Nurpeisova, Master’s student at the Department of Applied and Computer Optics

The portfolio competition is a great way to assess not only the basic knowledge one gets from a Bachelor’s program but also an applicant’s practical skills and motivation.

Diana Nurpeisova
Diana Nurpeisova

Ilya Fedorov, Master’s student at the Department of Light Technologies and Optoelectronics

The main advantage of applying via the portfolio competition is that you are accepted already in June and you have the whole summer for yourself.

Daria Nedorezova, Master’s student at the Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology

Daria Nedorezova
Daria Nedorezova

I learned that I’d been accepted to ITMO even before my thesis defense, which made me feel more confident. In my opinion, the portfolio competition is a more objective method for assessing students rather than, for example, credit transfer, but I still think that the oral examination allows the examiners to better assess the students’ knowledge and skills.