The Faculty of Physics and Engineering is responsible for all courses in general physics at ITMO University. General physics is a fundamental discipline; when developing a course in it, one has to take into account a range of factors, from students’ field of study to the course’s relevance and workload.

Fields of study: physics, engineering, IT

Lecturers can participate in the competition in three categories (there is no limit in the number of categories one can choose). The task of those competing in the first category is to create a course in general physics for first- and second-year Bachelor’s students majoring in technical physics. This program provides fundamental training in physics (both general and theoretical), mathematics, and computer modeling.

The second category includes a course in general physics for first- and second-year Bachelor’s students majoring in IT, whose educational program focuses on technical and practical aspects of computer design, as well as development and control of information systems and technologies. Upon completion of this course, students must develop a holistic perception of the surrounding world with an emphasis on their future professional activities.

The third category has to do with a course in general physics for engineering specialists majoring in software engineering and robotics. These two educational programs are aimed at training specialists in the field of design, development and operation of software platforms, including robotic and cyberphysical systems.

“The competition is organized as part of the project of modernization of General Physics Center at ITMO’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering. Among the key areas that we have to focus on right now are equipment, human resources, and content of educational courses. This is why we are launching this competition. Its main goal is to attract talented and motivated lecturers and enrich our educational programs,” shares Yana Muzychenko, Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs at the Faculty of Physics and Engineering.

How to apply

To apply, send an application form at before August 10, 2019. In the middle of August, the competition’s coordinators will announce the results and invite winners to St. Petersburg. According to the organizers, the competition is aimed at not only attracting new lecturers but also motivating current ones to develop new educational courses. The competition is open for participation for both internal and external specialists.


Your application should include a motivation letter and a CV describing your professional experience. Apart from that, you must also submit your project, which should consist of several sections: an abstract (150-200 words), a detailed plan of the course with lectures and practical tasks, and a description of laboratory research with the equipment needed. In another section, write about what methodology you’re going to use for assessing students’ academic performance (tasks, questions, tests, projects, etc.). Describe computer and online technologies included in your course’s program, as well as educational formats you’re going to use. Please submit your application with a video recording of one of the classes of your course.

Advice: write in clear, lucid language. Focus on modern educational technologies. Take into account the needs of your target audience.


Only the authors of courses are eligible for participation in the competition. To receive the money prize of 100,000 rubles, participants have to teach their course at ITMO during one semester, as well as perform some other duties such as sync lectures with practical and laboratory classes, give a consultation, and organize exams. Upon completion of the course, winners may get a position at ITMO’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering.