Inside Art interactive VR exhibition 

  • February 15 – March 1, 11am to 9pm 
  • KOD
  • Tickets from 390 rubles 

Ever wondered what it feels like inside a Dali masterpiece? Or are you more of a Van Gogh person? Maybe you’d be excited to see Rembrandt at work in his studio? We’ve got great news for you, as KOD, usually claiming to be a time-travelling center, has temporarily turned into an allegedly even more magical place – a virtual reality exhibition that allows you to experience art like you’ve never had before. Yes, you can finally actually get your hands – rather than just your eyes – on a painting if you so desire, to almost feel the brush movements of world-renowned artists. And if that isn’t enough to lure you in – KOD also promises free ice-cream and a chance to see 9 unique Ducati motorcycles. 

A Market by the Sea 

A day spent at the market is almost never a day wasted – what with all its friendly atmosphere, great music and delicious food, not to mention all the wonderful products made by local designer extraordinaires! What more can you ask for, right? Well, you should dream big: this time the Market also offers a wide choice of vinyl records to please every picky music addict out there as well as lectures and workshops to boost your creativity for the upcoming spring. 

Kustodiev Exhibition at KGallery 

  • February 21 – April 26, 11am to 8pm
  • KGallery 
  • Tickets from 100 rubles  

Even if his name doesn’t ring a bell now, you’ve probably seen The Merchant’s Wife, one of Kustodiev’s most famous works, during your – hopefully, regular – stroll down the long corridors of the Russian Museum. This exhibition, hosted by KGallery (which always means excellent catalogues and overall curator support), consists of over 100 masterpieces found in different museums and private collections. Kustodiev was fascinated by rural life in Russia and tried to capture every wonder of traditional Russian markets and celebrations. A visit to the exhibition is a perfect way to get to know the brightest and jolliest possible part of Russian culture as well as take a closer look at one of our most beloved painters. 

Polar Bear Day at the Leningrad Zoo

Now, what if this weekend you experience a pang of nostalgia and reminisce about your careless childhood days full of mischief and pleasure… What do you do then? We suggest a visit to the Leningrad Zoo, where this weekend marks a unique opportunity to learn more about polar bears with quests and tours of the Zoo, as well as quizzes and lectures – and even a chance to feed this legendary Arctic animal. If that’s not a ray of sunshine for your inner child, we don’t know what would be!